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Free Digital Marketing Courses Worth Every Penny

Oneupweb offers free digital marketing courses to marketing beginners, industry veterans and those who simply love to learn. These video-based courses are designed to fill in the gaps they don’t cover in school or online digital marketing courses that cost a pretty penny.

That’s because many of our digital marketing tips and topics come straight from our in-house teams of SEO and content managers, graphic designers and developers. Our courses offer real-world discovery and experience applied to help you learn how to do SEO yourself.

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Smartphone Photography

Learn how to create compelling videos and photos using nothing more than your smartphone.

YouTube Paid Ads

What does your paid media strategy need? That’s right, YouTube advertisements. Our team walks you through this advertising opportunity.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a hot social media platform your business should consider being on, regardless of industry. Find out more with our Instagram Basics course.

Paid Media Marketing

If you’ve been held back from exploring paid media marketing or pay-per-click advertising, now is your time to learn from the best.

Blog Writing for Beginners

Do you consider yourself a wordsmith? You will after this Learn with Oneupweb course on blog writing.

Beginner Keyword Research

Christina Marbury is back, this time to teach everyone about keyword research. Without this, your content marketing strategy will fall flat.

An Introduction to Social Media

Oneupweb Content and Social Media Strategist Tessa Lighty goes over social media basics, channel specifics and trends. Learn social media now.

The Anatomy of the SERP

Oneupweb Content Marketing and SEO Project Manager Gillian Niemisto breaks down the search engine results page (SERP). Let’s get started.

On-Page Ranking Signals

In this training, Oneupweb’s Director of SEO and Content Marketing Freddy Hunt teaches on-page ranking factors. Ready to learn?

How Search Engines Work

In this training, Oneupweb Content and SEO Senior Project Manager Christina walks you through the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Ready to get started?

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Step into a room and count how many people are on their cell phones. Walk into a coffee shop and look at all the laptops opened next to lattes. The future is digital.

Learn web marketing basics and you’ll not only be a more skilled marketer, but you’ll also be a savvier creator of digital content, online promotions and business strategy, too.

Our free digital marketing lessons run the gambit of beginner, intermediate and advanced topics.

What Digital Marketing Challenges Do You Face?

Learn with Oneupweb is a digital marketing course and a conversation. Our members face diverse challenges. Their goals include everything from learning how to design and manage a website to rebranding to just getting their sales team to post on LinkedIn. We’ve got the answers. These courses will also empower you to make your case for a stronger digital marketing presence at your business.

You don’t have to learn digital marketing on your own and you don’t need to empty your piggy bank to access great resources (and we think pretty neat instructors) to connect with the latest digital marketing trends and ideas.