cody sovis

Introducing Cody “Unsweetened Almond Milk” Sovis

Name: Cody Sovis Position: Content Marketing /SEO (I think) What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? It’s a lot of fun! I really enjoy coming in and working with a diverse group of clients. On any given day, I might write about housekeeping, renewable energy and truck bedliners all before lunch. I also really enjoy…

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two men sitting at a computer and talking

The Handy Email Marketing Glossary of Terms

Are you sending an email when users fill out a form on your site? Congrats, that’s email marketing! Email marketing is so important that 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media than email marketing, according to HubSpot. This glossary outlines the terms you need to know and other phrases you might…

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Content marketing professional working on computer.

SEO & Content Marketing Project Manager

Do you have a knack for making the mundane seem extraordinary? Can you craft a message that connects with readers? We’re seeking a writer and strategist who can adopt a brand voice to create compelling content. Projects include developing content strategy based on data, blogging, script writing, website copywriting, and social media writing. The ideal…

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two women sitting at a computer facing a large window

What to Look for in a PPC Agency

Are you looking for someone to manage your pay-per-click advertising? Here are five insights to keep in mind before hiring a PPC expert: Industry or category expertise is essential. You could work with a totally green partner, but you probably won’t see the best results. Ensure account transparency. You should have access to your own…

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Meet Oneupweb’s “New Guy” Jeff

Oneupweb team members usually get a bio blog when they’re hired on. Jeff has been using Oneupweb’s office space in the summertime for years, so we thought it was time he got his own. ­­­Name: The New Guy (aka “Jeff”) Position: Seasonal worker What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? I sneak in the back…

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Video marketing expert adjusts her camera lens

Benefits of Video Marketing

Investing in professional video marketing can do a lot for your brand, including: Boost leads, sales, and revenue Establish trust with customers Improve rankings in Google search Appeal to mobile users Provide information in a more accessible way If your business hasn’t gone all-in on video, we recommend checking out this lucrative marketing tool. Because…

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Co-workers hanging pictures on workboard

TLDR Blog Post Experiment

A Oneupweb marketing micro-experiment. In an age where blog posts on average are well beyond the 2000-word count, yet we have a steadily decreasing attention span on par with a goldfish, we had a question: If we can deliver the “goods” faster on one of our most trafficked blogs, will this result in more conversions…

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anna kroger

Where Are They Now? Here’s Former Oneupweb Intern Anna Kroger

Full Name: Anna Kroger Current Position & Company: Account Manager, Intouch Solutions Position while at Oneupweb? Marketing Intern Year at Oneupweb? 2016 Describe your current position: I’m currently an account manager at a pharmaceutical marketing firm in Chicago. What’s one thing you learned at Oneupweb that you use daily? One thing I always commend the…

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monica stokes

Meet Monica Stokes, Oneupweb’s Newest Strategy and Marketing Coordinator

Name: Monica Stokes Position: Strategy and Marketing Coordinator What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? I spend some time reading through industry news, checking to see if we have any new inquiries that need a response, and then I dive into current proposal projects. Proposal projects can be at any stage, so my days can…

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two men in an office sit with their backs to the camera looking at the same computer

Where Are They Now? Oneupweb’s Former Marketing Intern Danny Madion

Full Name: Danny Madion Current Position & Company: Senior Analyst, Cornerstone Companies Position while at Oneupweb? Marketing Intern Years at Oneupweb? May-Aug 2015 Describe your current position: Financial analyst for medical real estate acquisitions What’s one thing you learned at Oneupweb that you use daily? Communication and organization are key to success in any context….

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Shot of two businessmen using a digital tablet together in an office

Death of Third-Party Cookies – Rebirth of Less Creepy Marketing

There has been an awful lot of cookie-talk lately. Way back in 2020, search engine behemoth Google announced that it would slowly bring an end to third-party cookies and, in doing so, change how digital marketing functions. Perhaps out of hesitancy to move too quickly, Google then announced in March of 2021 that the move…

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woman in ponytail sitting at computer with two colleagues behind her

Achieving Better SEO Results

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is one of the most essential ways to build your business’s online presence. Optimizing your website (and other digital properties) to rank higher in search engines will drive more traffic to your website and make you a fierce industry competitor. Some of the quickest ways to achieve…

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