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The Franchise Business Structure: Where Does Marketing Fit In?

No two organizations are perfectly alike, but most franchise business structures fit within some basic categories. The subtle differences between those franchise structures impact how certain expenses, including marketing, are handled. When organizational boundaries aren’t clear, it can affect how your franchise marketing works. How Is a Franchise Structured? There a five primary franchise ownership…

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Get to Know Cody Sovis

Cody Sovis, Content Marketing and SEO Project Manager I picked up social media marketing as a part of a retail job and moved slowly and irrevocably closer to the industry. Over the years, I helped run social media accounts for friends, local businesses and non-profits and, before I knew it, marketing was my full-time gig!…

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Proven Ways to Improve Ad Performance On Google And Social

Ever think to yourself, “No one in history has ever created such a compelling ad – I’m going to make a million bucks!”, but when you check back, your conversions just aren’t there?  When you thought you’d done it all right, but your ad engagement rate is lower than you wanted (or expected), it’s time…

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Oneupweb’s 2023 Year in Photos

Each year, the talented media production department at Oneupweb collects their favorite images from projects throughout the year. We love the partnerships we have, and we’re proud of the work we put out. Enjoy this collection of images from brands across a variety of industries like franchise, healthcare and even some in-house brand photography….

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Craft the Perfect Social Media Strategy for Universities

Effective marketing in any industry boils down to delivering the right message to the ideal audience where they spend the most time. Social media for colleges and universities provides the perfect platform to attract, inform and entertain the next generation of scholars. Social media is also an excellent way for universities to build strong social…

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The Local Impact of Franchise Businesses

Locally owned franchises are valuable sources of steady employment, tax revenue and economic resilience. Especially during economic downturns, franchises have provided localized insulation from unemployment and offered communities of all sizes increased access to healthcare, paid vacation and other benefits compared to non-franchise businesses. Get into the small-town economics of franchising and why patronizing a…

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5 Higher Education Trends to Watch

The higher education industry has experienced several shifts over the past few years. COVID-19, changing demographics and a renewed skepticism over the value of a degree have shifted expectations and messaging from education institutions of all sizes. Experts wonder whether undergraduate enrollment has peaked, leading to increased competition among colleges as young adults pursue training…

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Get Cooking with Ingredient Branding (Not Actually About Cuisine)

There are two laptops on sale. They’re almost identical, save one white and blue sticker on the model that costs just a few dollars more. That sticker says “Intel Inside.” For many consumers, that simple promise is worth splashing a little extra cash. And that’s ingredient branding. Even if you don’t sell electronics, branded ingredients…

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Shopify SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Shopify is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, powering over one million stores in 175 countries. It stands to reason that the Canada-based company has invested heavily in positioning its users with the very best tools, including SEO. For Shopify sites, visibility equals profitability; even if you’re not an SEO expert, Shopify has the…

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Branding in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare organizations operate in a competitive marketplace where they’re marketing deeply personal and often high-stakes services. This combination of factors alone makes healthcare branding and marketing difficult, yet so important. Healthcare entities can no longer rely only on their physicians’ reputations and their geographic proximity. They must build a brand that’s trusted and familiar –…

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5 Effective Marketing Strategies to Increase Student Enrollment

Higher education has always been a competitive marketing space. Now, with new ways of learning and shifting student priorities, university and college enrollment marketing strategies are evolving, too. Now more than ever, educational institutions rely on a multichannel, high-touch approach to boosting school enrollment. From strong community relationships to experimenting with new social platforms, class…

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The Basic Elements of a Marketing Plan (with a Free Template)

Creating a yearly marketing plan is a crucial part of delivering results for your organization. Using an annual marketing plan template will give goals and objectives shape, define business priorities and serve as a central source of truth that is easily accessed all year long. While no two businesses are alike, our annual plan template…

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