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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you’ve had trouble increasing your website traffic, you’re not alone. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the exhaustive list of options for driving traffic to your website – and the time it takes to act on it. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of organic and paid options that we know work because we…

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Advertising on Reddit: Everything You Need to Know

Reddit ads are different from the creative you’ll find on other platforms. Reddit is social media for those who scoff at social media; Reddit users value community over commerce and guard their close-knit subReddits closely. Working with a Reddit advertising agency that knows how to speak to Reddit users and craft effective campaigns can help…

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Advertising on Amazon: Costs, Fees and Strategy

Amazon advertising is a great way to increase ecommerce sales, increase brand awareness and gain valuable insight into customers’ changing tastes and habits. As the largest ecommerce platform in the world, Amazon sellers often have a love/hate relationship with the site; it’s a game you have to play to be successful, but you’re always playing…

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Here’s Your Monthly Social Media Report Template

Social media managers need to condense mountains of data into concise visual reports to show value and make informed decisions. We experimented with dozens of social media marketing report templates but couldn’t find one that met our needs – so we made our own in Looker Studio, formerly known as Data Studio. Download this customizable…

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The Oneupweb Guide to SEO and Gender-inclusive Marketing

Gendered words in English regularly pepper the language. Even that standard “hey, guys” Midwest greeting inherently genders everyone you’re talking to, and it’s so commonly accepted that women will say it to a group of other women, no men involved. Many instances of gendered language can be brushed off as innocuous. But it starts to…

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What to Look for in a PPC Agency

Businesses don’t have to do it all themselves. Work with industry experts to move a few things off your to-do list and reap the benefits of PPC professionals. Here’s how to choose a PPC agency that provides the pay-per-click advertising services you’re looking for. Find the Best PPC Agency for Your Needs While Oneupweb offers…

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Your PPC Monthly Report Template

Looking to create a monthly report to measure the success of your PPC campaigns? Smart! Frequent reporting will help guide your campaign optimizations and help turn data into action. Tools like Google Data Studio (now known as Looker Studio) make it easier to visualize Google Ads reporting and spot opportunities to improve. We made a…

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Should I Use a Subdomain or Subdirectory for SEO?

One of the most often overlooked methods of improving SEO performance is evaluating how your site content is organized. On-page user experience, such as design and navigation, serves the user by making content easy to find. It’s equally important to organize your content efficiently to make it accessible for search engines, too. For SEO-rich content…

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Crawl Errors: Google Helps You Clean House

A site with broken links not only hinders the user experience, but can also prevent search engines from finding important site content. Let’s look at a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools that makes it even easier to find site crawl errors and, more importantly, the sources of those errors….

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Effective Landing Page Web Design

Welcome users to your site with the right information, layout, and functionality by tailoring your landing page perfectly. Digital marketers have relied on landing pages for decades to provide a streamlined and effective experience that drives any number of conversions, including form fills, transactions, or downloads. Creating an effective landing page is an art and…

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What Are UTM Parameters?

UTM parameters are a set of tags, or short text codes, added to URLs to conveniently track marketing campaigns across several platforms. Using UTM parameters help marketers make informed decisions about future strategy by highlighting successful tactics in various marketing channels. Using these tags effectively is a smart way to focus your time, creativity and…

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5 Tips for Paid Media Success

Are You Ready For Holiday Shopping? Though the holiday shopping season is almost here (and for some has already started), there’s still time to update your paid media strategies to ensure holiday shopping success. Online shopping continues to break sales records each year despite (or because of) pandemics, rising costs, shipping delays and more –…

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