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How a Technical SEO Audit Accelerated Cherry Central’s Growth

Cherry Central was formed as a family-owned farming cooperative with partners across the country. Hundreds of small farms and orchards invest in shared resources and sales opportunities. One of the key appeals of a cooperative is marketing, and it’s a responsibility Cherry Central takes seriously. Cherry Central reached out to Oneupweb shortly after their recently…

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3 Tips for Improved Readability: Are People Actually Reading Your Content?

As a content creator, there’s nothing more frustrating than pouring your time, blood, sweat and tears into a blog that no one reads. It’s well established that people rarely read online. Instead, they scan copy quickly to parse out just what they need.   So how can we help users find the information they’re looking…

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3 Ways You Can Use Animated GIFs in Digital Marketing

While there may be controversy about how to pronounce it, there’s no debate: GIFs kickstarted the shift to short-form video on social media. Before short-form video platforms like Vine hit app stores in 2012 and long before TikTok went global in 2016, GIFs were the most common short video. From Twitter to Tumblr, GIFs were…

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How Do You Know When to Change Marketing Agencies?

Your digital marketing partner is a critical investment in the success of your business. Brands need a partner they can count on to deliver results, communicate and drive strategy. We’ve heard plenty of bad stories about working with marketing agencies. Marketing is a long-term investment built on relationships, performance and results. How Can You Tell…

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Website Migration Best Practices Ahead of Your Big Move

As companies grow, they need their digital assets to adapt to new priorities and opportunities. In many cases, website migrations are a multifaceted way to solve technical or strategic problems with the current domain, platform or server. No two migration projects are the same. To complete your site migration without losing SEO value, you’ll need…

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How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Fast

Marketers, whether part of a whole inbound team or the only team member, feel pressure to improve efficiency constantly. It’s great to always want to improve, but you might not know where to go next. That’s okay. While no true “quick fix” works for everyone, we’ve put together a few tips to help you prioritize…

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FAQs About YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that happens to be the second largest* search engine in the world, sitting second-step behind its sister company, Google. Billions of users log-in in every month and they’re doing more than just watching cat videos. People rely on YouTube to research products, watch how-to videos and follow the news. Learn…

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Keywords and Conversions: An SEO Study

The Internet is made of content. From cat videos to running shoes to more cat videos to emergency HVAC services, one of the most critical components of SEO is organizing valuable keywords onto the correct pages. It’s so important that we often refer to pages as keyword groups to stress that the keywords and the…

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Testing SERP Feature Impact on 5 Websites

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are always changing. Google is constantly testing new SERP features to provide users with information more efficiently and often without clicking through a result to a domain. The no-click SERP has changed the way we search the internet, but how big of an impact do SERP features have on important…

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Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

One thing that needs to be more firmly covered in law school is how to market your law firm online. Yet, typically, only large firms with 50 to 100 attorneys have fully staffed internal marketing departments. Based on our experience and industry best practices, Oneupweb put together this collection of law firm marketing tips to…

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Should My Blog Only Be About the Services I Provide?

Blogs have become table stakes for modern businesses, but for specialized brands, there may be the looming fear that you’ll run out of things to talk about. However, there are strategies to ensure you always have something valuable to blog about! Some of the most important guidelines are keeping your topics varied and confirming their…

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Duplicate Content and SEO: Is There Really a Penalty?

There are thousands of factors that impact your website’s organic performance. One of the factors long thought to be high on Google’s list is duplicate content. Having identical or similar pages causes keyword cannibalization, reduces your domain authority and can negatively impact user experience. Luckily, duplicate content issues are often easy to resolve once you…

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