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Digital Marketing In the Construction Industry: A Case Study

Digital Marketing In the Construction Industry: A Case Study Since 2010, McCarthy Building Companies has trusted Oneupweb for effective SEO and content marketing services. Over the years, we’ve supported McCarthy and its subsidiaries to shape digital marketing strategy, improve SEO performance, create brilliant content, and support their sustained growth. This case study was originally published…

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Submitting Your XML Sitemap to Google and Bing

An XML sitemap documents all important pages on your website and helps Google find them. With ready access to your site URLs and structure, Google and other search engines like Bing can serve your content more effectively – and more often! Find out what an XML sitemap is, how to submit an XML sitemap to…

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What Are SERP Features, and How Do They Affect My Website?

Google is constantly changing the way it presents search results to users. SERP features are any search result displayed that is not a traditional link or paid search result. They display relevant information based on a user’s query to provide the most useful possible experience within the search engine. Clear as mud? We’ll show you…

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The Ultimate Glossary of Content Marketing Terms and Terminology

You don’t need to know it all. In a dynamic industry like digital marketing, even experts like us have to stay on our toes to keep up with the latest content marketing terminology. Industry-specific terms aren’t designed to alienate anyone; they’re created or used to accurately represent the tools, roles, and aspects of content marketing….

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Video and Photography Marketing Glossary

With modern technology, anyone can successfully incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy. If you’re still learning digital video terminology, our glossary was made for you. Find a list of video marketing terms you’ll encounter as you expand your video marketing strategy and campaigns, as well as photography glossary terms that are relevant to…

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How to Make a Content Marketing Plan That Works

Businesses can’t afford to guess and check their content marketing strategy. By learning how to make a content marketing plan built around your goals and within your capabilities, you can create a road map that leads you from where you are to where you need to be. Before creating content, bring your stakeholders together and…

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Now Hiring SEO Web Developer

Do you enjoy the intersection of SEO and web development? We’re looking for an SEO Web Developer to join our digital marketing agency, and that could be you. In this specialized role, you’ll use your SEO and development expertise to support our SEO and Content Marketing team’s technical SEO efforts and improve our clients’ website…

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What’s New in Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 offers several new features that make cross-domain tracking, event reporting, and gathering valuable insights more convenient for marketers. While the transition to GA4 might seem like a steep learning curve, there’s one big reason to invest time in learning the platform: You have to. Google announced that Universal Analytics will stop gathering…

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franworth vice president of digital marketing brandi kloostra

A Conversation with the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Franworth

Brandi Kloostra has brought the Oneupweb team with her as she’s conquered the franchise marketing industry time and time again. Always working multiple jobs from a young age, Brandi went from delivering newspapers to Vice President of Digital Marketing at Franworth, with more than a few stops along the way. Through her personal (wife, mother…

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Website Development and SEO Go Together Like PB&J

Warning: this article includes many prolonged food-based metaphors. Do not read on an empty stomach. Ever heard the expression, “too many cooks in the kitchen?” It’s meant to describe a situation where too many people are working on the same project. The result is a mess: broken eggs, spilled milk, and fire alarms going off….

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Do You Need a New Website? Here’s How to Tell

Making the decision to build a new website or invest in a refresh requires a lot more than looking at it. While a visual assessment helps, data points should also be a huge deciding factor. We’ve put together a few ways to determine if you need a new website, plus what you should expect to…

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Six Things We Learned About GA4 in a Year+

The release of GA4, the new Google Analytics, was announced in late 2020. This technology will likely replace Google Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, 2023. Despite the murky future of Google Analytics UA vs. GA4, our digital marketing agency knew one thing back in 2020: All our clients used Google Analytics, and they all…

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