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How Shopify Expansion Stores Work (and Why You’d Need One!)

Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform for growing your online brand. With a range of pricing options and a host of proprietary tools, companies of all sizes get the support and infrastructure they need. Shopify Plus, the premier Shopify subscription level, includes one neat benefit – more stores. Shopify Plus expansion stores offer brands a…

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How to Choose a Web Design & Development Company

Finding a single company to take on your whole website project can be challenging. But it’s worth it. Partnering with a vertically integrated company that offers web design and development simplifies your website project. Hiring multiple vendors to design and then develop your site often results in inefficient workflows, an unstable layout and (worst-case scenario) a breakable…

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How to Fully Customize Your WordPress Theme (Without Being a Developer)

When Oneupweb decided to develop their new website in Wordpress, the designers found one major difference: custom page and post templates. Find out what they learned….

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Multilingual SEO: Website Translation Best Practices

Most websites are built, written and designed to suit a particular audience or a handful of audiences. That customer-first focus becomes more complicated when language creates barriers to finding, understanding and utilizing a website. You can reduce friction by following multilingual SEO best practices. These gold standards may help to improve your site’s organic rank…

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Ecommerce Schema: Markup You Can’t Afford to Skip

Ecommerce success comes down to the details. Smart brands back up a strong brand message, a beautiful website and a robust SEO strategy with a technically proficient website structure that supports conversions. Ecommerce schema, also known as structured data, can differentiate your products from competitors before your ideal customer even sees your website! Here’s how…

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How to Make Landing Pages That Convert

Campaign landing pages provide to-the-point information about your business’s product, service or other offerings to drive a specific action. They’re usually separate from evergreen pages and not indexed in search engines. Instead, they’re used as a part of paid media, social media, traditional and email marketing campaigns.  Landing page optimization ensures that you’re providing well-written,…

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The Low-Quality Traffic Dilemma

Lots of website or app sessions – very few leads and sales. This is the low-quality traffic dilemma, and it’s not what you want. Increase user engagement and focus on the right metrics with a refreshed user engagement strategy – let’s get started! What Are High-quality and Low-quality Traffic Sources? There are no perfect website…

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SEO for Hidden Content: Using JavaScript and Accordions

Accordion, tabbed content and other expandable text blocks are solutions for web designers looking to strike a balance between lots of content and clean design. When you package pieces of information into tidy, unobtrusive compartments, you put users in a position to choose what matters most to them. But how do accordions affect SEO, and…

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How a Technical SEO Audit Accelerated Cherry Central’s Growth

Cherry Central was formed as a family-owned farming cooperative with partners across the country. Hundreds of small farms and orchards invest in shared resources and sales opportunities. One of the key appeals of a cooperative is marketing, and it’s a responsibility Cherry Central takes seriously. Cherry Central reached out to Oneupweb shortly after their recently…

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The Importance of Curation in Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

With the number of US malls expected to drop from 700 to just 150 in the next decade, concerns about the viability of traditional retail are on the rise. As shoppers return to in-person shopping after the pandemic, it’s important for ecommerce brands to recreate the hands-on experience of brick-and-mortar retailers. Combined with personalized digital…

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Website Migration Best Practices Ahead of Your Big Move

As companies grow, they need their digital assets to adapt to new priorities and opportunities. In many cases, website migrations are a multifaceted way to solve technical or strategic problems with the current domain, platform or server. No two migration projects are the same. To complete your site migration without losing SEO value, you’ll need…

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Oneupweb Website Replatforming Snapshot

CMS Migration Made Easy The Oneupweb team began working with a consulting company in early 2021 to move the existing site of their law firm client from a proprietary content management system (CMS) to WordPress. The Problem The consulting company’s team felt common website CMS issues such as difficulty updating their client’s website, and general…

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