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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website?

Your website might be your organization’s most important investment. Websites serve as the face of your brand and organize information and products to meet the needs of customers. On top of doing regular maintenance, creating fresh content and making ongoing optimizations, marketers need to determine when it’s time to consider a website rebuild or start…

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Oneupweb Client Snapshot: Necessary WordPress Updates

For several years now, Oneupweb has been working off and on with a national organization dedicated to helping people receive community support for a variety of needs. Initially, we teamed up to create a customized WordPress site that focuses on user experience, SEO and a platform for growth.  More recently, we worked on updating their…

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Why Brands Need a Style Guide

Style guides, also known as brand guides, manuals or the very comprehensive “brand and style guide” are an important marketing tool for organizations of any size. That’s because they document, organize and communicate a brand’s standards for logos, fonts and all the elements that represent your brand, including the voice and tone of written copy….

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Why Section 508 Compliance Matters (and How to Get It Right)

The internet serves as a great equalizer. Since its inception, the web has removed barriers to information and resources that expand horizons, connect people and provide instant access to new opportunities. Legislation like the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 are designed to democratize the internet by keeping information accessible to all users, including…

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Collaboration in Figma: Our Favorite Ideation Tool

Figma is our go-to tool for internal collaboration, brainstorming and bringing many of those ideas to life. With companies comprised of distributed team members across the country and with clients located around the globe, Figma brings exciting whiteboard sessions into the digital age. Using Figma is a fun, intuitive and accessible way to connect people…

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2024: Google Ending Third-party Cookies – What Marketers Need to Know

There’s been an awful lot of cookie-talk lately. In 2020, search engine behemoth Google announced that it would slowly end third-party cookies and, in doing so, change how digital marketing functions. As the deadline neared, Google announced in March 2021 that the move to a cookie-less world could wait another year – or two. Google…

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online ad targeting

Proven Ways to Improve Ad Performance On Google And Social

Ever think to yourself, “No one in history has ever created such a compelling ad – I’m going to make a million bucks!”, but when you check back, your conversions just aren’t there?  When you thought you’d done it all right, but your ad engagement rate is lower than you wanted (or expected), it’s time…

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harmon website

Client Snapshot: Website Design Refresh for HARMAN International

Audiophiles know HARMAN International as the manufacturer and distributor of the industry’s best speakers and sound systems. With a catalog of sub-brands and truly global reach, HARMAN International’s website serves as a vital central touchpoint for customers, suppliers, distribution partners and employees across the globe. When their marketing team reached out to us for tips…

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Wix vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress (And Why a Custom Website Is Best)

Template-based website builders like Wix and Squarespace have empowered small businesses and one-person teams with the basics to make perfectly good websites. There are ready-made templates to show off your portfolio, book appointments or bring your retail sales online to reach a global audience. But which of these customizable website builders is really the way…

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primary health network website homepage

The Primary Health Network’s Medical Website Redesign Case Study

More patients connect with healthcare providers online than ever before. The remarkable increase in telehealth, digital records access and the sheer volume of provider options has made healthcare websites a crucial first point of contact. Organizations like The Primary Health Network have invested in substantial website redesign projects to provide a better patient experience and…

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the newly designed by oneupweb short's brewing company website

Short’s Brewing’s New Look: A Website Redesign Case Study

Short’s Brewing Company‘s meteoric rise from a small-town brewery to one of the Midwest’s most beloved craft breweries is the stuff of legend. The Elk Rapids, Mich. production facility and Short’s pub in Bellaire, Mich. have become must-see NoMi destinations for tourists and beer enthusiasts – not to mention economic engines for the communities they…

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What Does Having an ADA Compliant Website Mean?

Can you imagine preventing certain customers from entering your store? Or painting over handicapped parking spaces? Websites, like physical spaces, require accessibility measures to reach all your potential customers. ADA-compliant websites ensure digital content is available for everyone, including users with screen readers. Providing navigable websites for people with disabilities is as much a societal…

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