Two female SEO marketers working at their desks in an office.

Where Are They Now? Featuring Former Oneupweb Intern Brenna Clay

This is the first blog in a series that highlights former Oneupweb interns. Full Name: Brenna Clay Current Position & Company: Digital Marketing Specialist for Chaco at Wolverine Worldwide Position while at Oneupweb? Marketing Intern When were you at Oneupweb? 3(ish) Months in 2017 Describe your current position: I’m a part of the Chaco Footwear…

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Round smart home speaker, which is an example of why blogging is important for voice search results

How to Optimize for Voice Search and Why You Siri-ously Need To

Voice search is one of the fastest-growing segments of search engine optimization (SEO). Brands looking to improve their page rankings can use optimized content to perform better in voice search queries by answering questions and getting inside the head of their customers. We have some recommendations to help you make that happen. If any of…

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a curly haired woman in a brown suit sits on the floor of a room with chairs and couches with stacks of paper and a computer around

What an Ecommerce Website Needs to Be Profitable

To be profitable, an ecommerce site needs speed, user-friendliness, detailed product pages and a logical structure. And those are just the major requirements! The best way to create a new ecommerce website (or optimize an existing one) is to consider the customer’s perspective. We’re sharing the guidelines you need to attract customer, meet their needs…

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hands rest on a computer while holding a credit card prepared to make an online purchase from an ecommerce website

7 Ecommerce Product Page Optimization Tips

Ecommerce brands must constantly adjust their digital content and find new opportunities to meet dynamic consumer demands. If you know how that goes, you know how hard it is.   While ecommerce CMSs and other technologies help you manage the details, there’s not a simple way to achieve quality SEO performance. It takes a lot…

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jansen tolle

Introducing Jansen VanMeter Tolle

Name: Jansen VanMeter Tolle Position: Web Developer What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Well, that’s an interesting question! I started working at Oneupweb during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. For the first several months, I was one of the only folks not working from home. It reminded me of working out of the…

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A person's hand writes notes on some notebook paper next to a computer keyboard

The Cringiest & Most Overused Words in Marketing

Marketing copy is often written hastily (or by a content farm) to meet a tight deadline. Other times, it’s written bland to match what’s already approved by legal. Both situations lead to boring copy that doesn’t conquer campaign goals. If you want your words to work, make them fresh and meaningful. Here are some marketing…

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two women looking at a computer screen, smiling

Facing Your Social Media Marketing Problems

Your customers are spending more time than ever on social media platforms. All that scrolling, swiping, and liking is driving renewed importance of social media marketing and social ecommerce, forcing brands to rethink how they present themselves to the world. The average American spent more than 1,300 hours on social media in 2020; now is…

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two women sitting at computers in an open office setting

How to Improve Social Media Presence

There are several ways to improve your company’s social media presence. By being human, understanding your audience and keeping the conversation going, you can get more out of the time, energy and budget you put into social media platforms. Apply these guidelines to your strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and more. Three Ways…

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online ad targeting

Ways to Improve Ad Performance

Ever think to yourself, “No one in history has ever created such a compelling ad – I’m going to make a million bucks!”? But then: Womp, womp. What happened to your dreams and glory? Your brilliant ad didn’t work. What went wrong? Why Are My Ads Not Converting? Maybe your audience just doesn’t realize what…

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a website designer and a website developer high five

Choosing a Web Design and Development Company

It can be challenging to find a single company to take on your whole website project. But it’s worth it to partner with a team with in-house expertise in both web design and development. If you hire multiple vendors and separate these two schools, you’ll likely end up with inefficient project workflows, an unstable layout…

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How to Approach Enterprise Website Design Strategy & Development

Enterprise websites have thousands or even millions of URLs. To successfully pull off a website project at this scale – whether it’s a new site, a migration or a redesign – companies need: Heavy up-front planning All-teams collaboration A good timeline Technical knowledge The right enterprise website solutions (technologies + vendors) Below, the Oneupweb team…

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an experienced video marketing expert wearing a mask uses his camera to create a video in a shop

Solving Visual & Image Search SEO Conundrums

When Oneupweb team members attended a recent SMX Advanced conference, major discussion topics included unique images and SEO, image optimization tactics, ALT text and more. This is because images are served in nearly 40% of search results, and visual search (e.g., Pinterest, Google Lens) is gaining popularity fast. Businesses must evolve quickly or fall behind….

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