Oneupweb employee appears to be thinking deeply about bank marketing

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Fast

Marketers, whether part of a whole inbound team or the only team member, feel pressure to improve efficiency constantly. It’s great to always want to improve, but you might not know where to go next. That’s okay. While no true “quick fix” works for everyone, we’ve put together a few tips to help you prioritize…

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a screenshot of an email inbox showing a newsletter with a video thumbnail and play button

How to Use Video in Email Marketing

Can you embed a video in an email? You can try, but you really shouldn’t. There are two main reasons for that: Many email marketing solutions don’t allow you to embed video. We use HubSpot, for example, which has a great drag-and-drop tool for building emails. To embed a video, we would have to switch…

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woman holding up papers in front of conference room and smiling

How to Measure Brand Awareness – and Why

One of the best-known and most-cited examples of B2B advertising is titled “The Man in the Chair” from The McGraw-Hill Business Publications Company. The ad first ran in 1958 and posed the challenge every marketer faces in black-and-white (or a kind of sepia): Brand awareness. This decades-old example illustrates the importance of introducing your brand…

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