How to Use Video in Email Marketing

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(Okay, It’s a Trick Question)

Can you embed a video in an email?

You can try, but you really shouldn’t. There are two main reasons for that:

  1. Many email marketing solutions don’t allow you to embed video. We use HubSpot, for example, which has a great drag-and-drop tool for building emails. To embed a video, though, we would have to switch to an HTML-based email tool.
  2. Some major email providers do not display videos in email. Couple this with the fact that video capability varies by device, and you’re going to leave a portion of your list disappointed.

But sending an email promoting a well-produced video is a great way to engage your subscribers, so fear not –  we have a workaround.

Better Ways to Promote a Video through Email Marketing

Here are two ways you can tease a video in your email without risking a bad user experience for some of your subscribers:

  1. Embed a GIF instead. Embedding lightweight media in your email can improve email conversion rate by 103%. Two downsides of using GIFs in an email are:
    1. Not all email providers support this media in email. However, most do, and significantly more providers accept GIFs than videos.
    1. Using a GIF that isn’t properly sized (as close to 1mb as possible) it can cause loading speed issues for your subscribers.
  2. Add a video thumbnail image with a Play button overlay. This will signal to readers that clicking the thumbnail will take them to a video hosted elsewhere. Keep in mind:
    1. This is Oneupweb’s preferred method for email marketing with video, as it’s more likely to result in positive UX and clickthroughs on our clients’ emails (and our own).
    1. Including a video thumbnail image in an email increases clicks by 50 percent.
a screenshot of an email inbox showing a newsletter with a video thumbnail and play button
This example of using a video thumbnail and play button comes from our weekly newsletter, the Digital Digest.

Now that we’ve covered how to use video in email marketing, you may be interested in checking out some other answers to email marketing FAQs.

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