Healthcare Marketing and Lead Generation

When making healthcare decisions for themselves and loved ones, consumers are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet and their own social networks. Whether it’s patients and advocates going online to research symptoms and treatment options, or looking into the reputation and service offerings of a particular healthcare system, lead generation on the Internet […]

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Driving Inbound Leads: Big Picture

Driving Inbound Leads Part III: The Smartphone Era   In our newest whitepaper hot off the digital presses today, we continue our series about driving inbound leads – this time with a close look at the new reality of smartphone adoption. The majority of web traffic is now people surfing via smartphones. But inbound marketing […]

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Is Email Marketing Something That We Should Consider?

If your digital marketing strategy were a family portrait, email marketing would be the red headed stepchild. Let’s give it a makeover… Why does it matter?  Because it works!  Whether you’re a business that offers products or services that tie to an E-commerce site or you’re a consulting firm that sells high price services, email […]

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What’s up with inbound marketing? Why should you care?

Is everyone into inbound marketing these days? I’ve taken to tallying the number of times inbound appears while my colleagues and I read our morning trades (ahem, blogs). And it’s not just my anecdotal observation that inbound is garnering a lot of buzz, just ask Google.  You can see that queries for content relating to […]

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Taking Time for a Pit Stop

Inbound marketing is about getting the right message to the right prospects at the right time. Keep in mind, though, that as a result of decades of outbound marketing, consumers are self-programmed to filter out incoming messages. It’s important to think critically about the messaging that goes out, learn what is performing, and fix what […]

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OneUpWeb Presents: Content Marketing and B2B Lead Gen, A Webinar

Content marketing is a personal, conversational approach to marketing. It takes many forms—from infographics to white papers, blog posts (this is content marketing) to webinars. No matter what form it takes, there are ways to make it work for your business. In our latest webinar from this past Friday, we talked about content marketing and […]

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Revving Up Your Content Curation Machine

The key to any inbound strategy is content—relevant content—and a lot of it. You must take inventory of what you have and be smart about what you need in order to deliver focused communications over time and across channels. It is not only important to map out an editorial calendar—it is important to have your […]

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Getting Your House In Order: A Primer for Inbound Marketing

The days of interruption marketing are nearly over—inbound marketing is quickly replacing the outmoded outbound marketing days of yore. For years now, new technologies have been developed solely for weeding out your outbound marketing efforts (caller id, robust spam filters, and streaming subscription services to name a few). As quickly as new modes of advertising […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your B2B LinkedIn Business Page

Are you doing everything you can to leverage LinkedIn for your B2B? Improve your B2B LinkedIn business page using these five simple tips. LinkedIn’s network contains over 3 million professional groups and over 2 million businesses. The professional social network isn’t just for shopping around for your next job—B2B’s can also leverage it to generate […]

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