Client Snapshot: HomeSteady Rebrand

Oneupweb began working with HomeSteady (previously Shazam Home Services) in December 2020. They asked us to help them create a new company name, logo, brand voice and brand guide. We also conducted user testing to refine branding recommendations and rebranded two customer journey maps for them. Scope of Work Brand workshop Brand name selection Logo…

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Marketing experts gather around a table and a whiteboard wall to discuss strategy

Why Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study Will Convert All the People

Okay, maybe we took some poetic license with using the word “convert all the people.” However in a recent survey by B2B Marketing, of 112 marketers, two-thirds (66%) stated that case studies were “very effective” at driving leads and sales, and a further 32% found case studies to be “quite effective,” making case studies the…

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Oneupweb ROI report shows that a client's ROI was 1490 percent


Showing the ROI of SEO is tricky for a number of reasons, but mostly because it can be difficult to tell if the positive results we’re seeing in organic search can be attributed to something we did or is a result of a favorable algorithm update or some other marketing initiative. That said, it’s imperative…

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a top down view of four college students studying and on laptops while sitting on couches

How Market Research Helps Higher Education

Higher education is a rapidly changing industry. As a higher education marketer, you need to be armed with insights before making decisions. Market research for higher education allows you to make strong decisions that show your college or university is a thought leader who already knows your students. “Market research” may sound like a buzzword…

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a man and a woman review notes from recent market research

Why You Need Market Research

Market research is an important tool that solves marketing problems before they even happen. Many of the most successful marketing campaigns are backed by market research. In fact, the role of market research is to provide a business with pertinent data before that business embarks on a particular marketing strategy, therefore ensuring that strategy’s relevancy,…

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Computer on desk along with several printed bar graphs for market research

Three Examples of How to Use Market Research

In today’s world, it’s crucial that small business owners understand everything about their business. Three important pillars of any successful business include its audience, its website and its brand strategy. Understanding these three pillars by conducting market research helps businesses better serve their consumers. Invest in market research in these three areas and watch your…

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college students tossing caps into the air

Now It’s Personal: 4 Tips for Personas in Higher Education Marketing

For digital marketers, few industries are as challenging and rewarding as higher education, particularly when it comes to driving enrollment. Through all steps of the journey, reaching and connecting with qualified prospective students is difficult — and that’s to say nothing of actually getting them to apply. Personas bridge the gap by connecting marketers with…

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graphic of blue web browser windows with magnifying glass showing gears twisting

Why UX Research, Design and Testing Are Important for Your Business

A design student’s take on the value of UX  by Liv Bishop As an advertising and branding student working with Google Maps on a UX-focused design project, I’ve learned quite a bit about what drives relevant web design and services that positively impact a business and its customers. Starting with expansive research and ending with a dynamic…

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Male and female doctors in an operating room.

3 Healthcare Personas for Effective Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is about choices. When making healthcare decisions, consumers are becoming more and more reliant on the internet and on their own social networks to determine the best options. Whether to research symptoms and treatments or to look into healthcare service offerings, consumers are increasingly going online to find medical solutions. In light of this…

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Market Research Is Boring (No It’s Not)

Truth of it is – most people want to crawl under the table and hide from these thick compilations of numbers and analyst jargon. Who has the time, the wherewithal or the secret decoder ring, for that matter, to make it through a 70 page study on the key metrics of digital marketing without throwing…

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Up Close & Personal : 3 Insights About Today’s Business Buyer

Someone called last week and said, “Carly, your blog posts are ridiculously awesome, but they all have a recurring mandate; know your audience. Can you please help me with that part!?!” No, actually, no one called and said that. Or emailed. Or left it in a comment. (But that’s ok, I will keep writing for…

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Webinar : Optimizing Site Navigation for Conversion

On a recent webinar, “Optimizing Site Navigation for Conversion,” Oneupweb’s Sales & Marketing Director Carly  Wujcik and I talked about how B2C and B2B brands can leverage site nav as a marketing tool. It was a fun conversation and, I think, an important one for digital marketers. If you haven’t yet, consider a few of…

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