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The Ultimate Marketing Budget Breakdown

You’ve got to spend money to make money, but what’s the best way to set (and stick to!) a dedicated budget? Take the guesswork out of your marketing budget allocation with an in-depth look at the real cost of marketing. Grab your TI-89 calculator, and let’s dive into your marketing budget breakdown! Download the free…

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Why Seasonal SEO Matters

Here’s how to utilize seasonal SEO to improve organic visibility for seasonal products or services at precisely the right time. Seasonal keywords are an outstanding opportunity to create season-specific organic content that capitalizes on data-driven consumer behavior. Seasonal keyword variations are key differentiators for e-commerce brands, multichannel retailers, and professionals with annual or recurring services…

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Why Concierge Medicine Marketing Is Different

Marketing in medicine and healthcare is unique in all circumstances. Healthcare providers need to earn the trust of prospective patients while addressing individuals’ substantial barriers to care. Concierge practice marketing is even more niche, and it can be challenging for in-house marketing teams to reach the right audience effectively. The fix? A fresh, honest assessment…

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Campaign Tracking Made Easy with A UTM Builder Tool

UTM tools make building UTM parameters faster, more accurate and more useful for marketers in any industry. Using UTM tags generates incredibly valuable user insights and provides actionable data to improve marketing ROI – and that’s what we’re all about. So, we made our own UTM builder template, and you can give it a shot,…

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Win the Holiday Shopping Season with Effective Digital Marketing

Holiday season shopping is a crucial and competitive time of year for D2C brands. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, exclusively online or rely on a multichannel approach, holiday campaigns can make – or break – your annual sales success. Give your holiday marketing efforts a fresh look with new strategies and ideas this year and…

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Why the Consumer Confidence Index Matters to Businesses (And Marketers)

Since 1967, the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) has served as an economic weathervane, allowing economists, businesses and marketers a peek inside the hearts and minds of US consumers. The CCI offers a monthly gauge of how average Americans feel the economy is working and indicates how comfortable they are making purchases big and small. The…

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3 Ways to Improve Your Direct-to-Patient Marketing Campaigns

Healthcare providers are always looking for new and creative ways to provide patients with the tools and resources to make smarter health-related decisions. Many view patient engagement marketing as a subset of their broader marketing initiatives; in many cases, this “afterthought” approach negatively impacts the results of their marketing campaigns. To succeed, healthcare providers need…

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How a Talent Acquisition Mindset Benefits Your Hiring Process

Like marketing, talent acquisition is an always-on, never-done element of success. While it may require time and resources, the benefits of developing a talent acquisition strategy make it one of the smartest investments a company can make. What Is Talent Acquisition? Talent acquisition is an ongoing effort to identify uniquely qualified or experienced specialists, leaders…

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Why User Experience Design Is Important

A critical part of leveraging your digital platforms to grow your organization is to provide a great user experience across multiple platforms. From offering users an effective mobile app to designing a fluid browsing experience on desktop, user experience (UX) design takes research, testing and attention to detail. What Is User Experience Design? UX design…

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Psychology-Based Copywriting Tactics – Then vs. Now

Writing isn’t just a form of art, it’s also a science. That’s because the human brain is hard-wired to process information in a certain way. However, in order to fully process information it first needs to be stored – and in order to store it, a connection needs to be made. That’s where using psychological…

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Regional Banks Are Safe. (Just Ask One).

Marketing doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We take a comprehensive approach to supporting our clients that includes researching and monitoring the wider realities of doing business. Commercial banking is critical to sustained growth in any industry, with regional banks financing small and mid-sized business developments across the country. In the wake of three regional bank…

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a content marketer uses martech stack to analyze trends

Leveraging Innovative Marketing Technology

Marketing technology is an investment, a tool and a field-leveler. Using the right technology stack helps organizations of all sizes meet their objectives and collect data that ultimately shapes effective long-term strategy. There are drawbacks to leaning too heavily on marketing technology, too. Let’s get into it! What Is Marketing Technology? Often abbreviated to “MarTech,”…

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