The Role of Market Research in the Successful Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive marketing strategy is the foundation of your brand growth efforts, right? Good. And that marketing strategy is informed by market research, right? No? Uh-oh. What exactly is market research? Market research is the overall task of establishing questions about your intended market and finding answers to them. Market research usually falls into one […]

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2 SEOs and a Microphone: Talking Brand and Local Search

Take a minute to listen to two of our SEOs talk shop in this episode of 2 SEOs and a Microphone.  Oneupweb Presents: Two SEOs and a Microphone: Episode Two from Oneupweb on Vimeo. Moving beyond the excessive focus on keywords and where a site positions, the two SEOs (Dave and Freddy) talk driving mobile […]

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Market Research Is Boring (No It’s Not)

Truth of it is – most people want to crawl under the table and hide from these thick compilations of numbers and analyst jargon. Who has the time, the wherewithal or the secret decoder ring, for that matter, to make it through a 70 page study on the key metrics of digital marketing without throwing […]

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Getting Spreadsheety – 7 Tips for Better Market Research

I really know how to shut down a party sometimes—and not in the 3am dancing on the tables kind of way. Often, when asked what it is I do, I can cause the eyes of the polite asker to glaze over. “I design and deploy research instruments for the sake of gathering meaningful information for […]

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3 Ways To Get the Most out of Market Research

Market research is the overarching practice of gathering information about markets or customers with the intent of gaining insight to support strategy and decision making. All of our engagements start with market research. You cannot have sound strategy unless you truly know what drives your customers. With prospective as well as existing clients, we regularly […]

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Point, Click and Shake Hands: Personal Value in Ecommerce

In a great article on the importance of humanizing brands in improving ecommerce loyalty, Chris Malone outlines his study’s findings that “online shoppers at ‘multi-channel’ retailers such as Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears and Walmart reported much higher customer loyalty than those who had only made in-store purchases.” The bottom line: personal value matters. Many of […]

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3 Myths About Big Data

It’s been called one of the “most confusing technology buzzwords of the decade.” And with so many of the Fortune 500 front and center in the “big data” game, it’s no wonder the concept is often misunderstood by smaller to mid-size businesses. Here are 3 myths for smaller to mid-size companies to keep in mind […]

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