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Most of my design work is digital, especially as a designer in a digital agency,  making the computer one of my most frequently used and important tools. But, during idea generation, building concepts or even making revisions, there are some other tools that I always reach for.

One of my most-reached for tools is a 6 inch ruler. As a guide for making straight lines, measuring, or even helping visualize how something will look, this is almost always out on my desk.

This next item might be pretty obvious as to why I use this. Whether it’s a pen, mechanical pencil or just an old fashioned yellow wood pencil, something to write with is pretty vital to drawing and writing ideas down.

I also keep a few permanent markers around, in different sizes and colors. Helpful for revisions, drawing or putting my name on my notebook so it doesn’t get misplaced too often. But, my main tool for making revisions is my purple highlighter. It’s bright and colorful enough to make sure that I don’t miss any revisions and I can cross them out as I finish them. Plus, it’s a more interesting color than a standard yellow one.

Lastly, scissors for making mockups, cutting out images and cutting off the fuzzy edge of notebook paper (that stuff drives me crazy).

And guess what? I also have the hex colors of all the objects too. Enjoy!

Ruler: #1C75BC
Pencil: #ECCC37
Small marker: #018E8A
Marker: #231F20
Highlighter: #A34E9B
Scissors: #315F9C, #243E86

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