Why Brands Need a Style Guide

Style guides, also known as brand guides, manuals or the very comprehensive “brand and style guide” are an important marketing tool for organizations of any size. That’s because they document, organize and communicate a brand’s standards for logos, fonts and all the elements that represent your brand, including the voice and tone of written copy….

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figma screenshot of oneupweb sitemap

Collaboration in Figma: Our Favorite Ideation Tool

Figma is our go-to tool for internal collaboration, brainstorming and bringing many of those ideas to life. With companies comprised of distributed team members across the country and with clients located around the globe, Figma brings exciting whiteboard sessions into the digital age. Using Figma is a fun, intuitive and accessible way to connect people…

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the newly designed by oneupweb short's brewing company website

Short’s Brewing’s New Look: A Website Redesign Case Study

Short’s Brewing Company‘s meteoric rise from a small-town brewery to one of the Midwest’s most beloved craft breweries is the stuff of legend. The Elk Rapids, Mich. production facility and Short’s pub in Bellaire, Mich. have become must-see NoMi destinations for tourists and beer enthusiasts – not to mention economic engines for the communities they…

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A male employee creating a collage of graphic design styles for a website redesign activity.

Why You Should Outsource Graphic Design Services and Other FAQs

Few small and medium-sized companies have professional graphic designers on staff.  Even if someone from the marketing department has opened Photoshop a time or two, you’ll get better quality results when you outsource design work to an experienced digital agency. We’ll run through some graphic design FAQs that will show you why it’s better to tag…

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3 Ways You Can Use Animated GIFs in Digital Marketing

While there may be controversy about how to pronounce it, there’s no debate: GIFs kickstarted the shift to short-form video on social media. Before short-form video platforms like Vine hit app stores in 2012 and long before TikTok went global in 2016, GIFs were the most common short video. From Twitter to Tumblr, GIFs were…

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Oneupweb designer presents slideshow about information hierarchy on higher education websites

Web Form Design Best Practices

Poorly designed forms ruin the customer experience and negatively impact conversions.What makes an ineffective form and why are they frequently a barrier for users? What can you, the site owner, do to design better forms? We’ve got a few ideas. 5 UX Best Practices for Forms Effective form design isn’t necessarily hard, but it does…

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Tilley Distribution’s Merger & Acquisition Rebranding

If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward. In the wake of record-breaking M&A activity, brands are looking for ways to integrate diverse teams and create a new identity. Merger & acquisition rebranding demands introspection, deliberation and collaboration. Oneupweb has helped several clients navigate rebrands before, but our work with Tilley Distribution illustrates how to…

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5 Simple & Powerful Website Animation Examples

Subtle website animation is an effective tool for capturing attention and directing users to the content or actions you’re hoping they will take. Animation leads the eye, improves user behavior and drives engagement metrics that can keep customers on site longer and drive them to the content they’re looking for. The Internet is a big…

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website landing page form with only "name", "email", "phone number" and "tell us about your case" for a lawyer landing page

Effective Landing Page Web Design

Welcome users to your site with the right information, layout, and functionality by tailoring your landing page perfectly. Digital marketers have relied on landing pages for decades to provide a streamlined and effective experience that drives any number of conversions, including form fills, transactions, or downloads. Creating an effective landing page is an art and…

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Web coding on a computer screen.

Beyond the Marketing Minute: WCAG 2.1 Compliance Tips for Designers

On June 5, 2018, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published WCAG 2.1, the newest version of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for how web designers and UX professionals should make websites and all digital technology accessible to people with disabilities. Now, we dive into how to comply with the guidelines on your website. Is WCAG…

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a woman oneupweb employee and a male oneupwebe employee sit in orange chairs in the oneupweb office, chatting

Brush Up on Your Graphic Design Terminology

Graphic design is a field that is always evolving, and with that evolution comes new terminology. For the uninitiated, graphic design jargon can be confusing and overwhelming. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the language of graphic design, as it can help you to better understand the creative process (and make you sound…

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A Oneupweb designer points at logo color options while leading a brand workshop for our own business

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

So, it’s time to build a website for your business, or update your existing site? That’s great! Wait, don’t be afraid! It’s going to be ok! These types of projects are a large (and sometimes nerve-wracking) undertaking, but finding and choosing the right web design agency to partner with will go a long way toward…

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