two men crouch over camera equipment in a green grass yard in front of a nice house while filming franchise marketing videos and photography

Video Production Costs (and What You’re Really Paying For)

When it comes to supporting your brand, nothing provides more immediate and long-term value than high-quality video content. The cost of video marketing and the cost of video production are relatively small investments for brands with expansive marketing efforts. The key to making it worth your while? Capturing content that can be used to level…

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A female market jots down a note during a meeting.

Boosting a Post vs. Creating an Ad: What’s Better?

It’s a dilemma every paid and social team faces every time there’s a budget discussion. In the case of Boosted Posts v. Ads, there’s a strong argument to be made for the immediate and long-term benefits of both options. Of course, there’s no perfect social paid strategy because there are too many variables – from…

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Getting Social with Bio Bidet by Bemis: A Social Media Case Study

Try to think of a market with more than 140 million potential customers and less than 12% product adoption. Here’s another curveball; every potential customer could buy two of your products. Any guesses? On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and recurring toilet paper shortages, Bio Bidet by Bemis was uniquely positioned to offer Americans…

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threads meta background

Meta’s Threads: What It Means for Marketers

Meta’s long-awaited Twitter-killer, Threads, launched on July 5 and quickly picked up over 10 million users within just a few hours of launch. Thanks to a nearly seamless integration with Instagram, the Threads app has an immediate head start in terms of adoption and advertiser dollars when it’s ready. It’s in its early days, but…

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a graphic showing hootsuite, loomly and buffer

Loomly vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer: What’s the Best Social Media Tool?

There are plenty of social media management software options out there – you might say too many. Each platform has its own features and pricing structure, which offers brands willing to do their homework an opportunity to find the right fit. Over the past several years, our social media marketing team has tested several platforms,…

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How to Use TikTok for Business the Right Way

TikTok offers businesses an excellent platform to build brand awareness and connect with customers in a low-pressure, entertaining environment. The platform has matured from its pre-teen dance-challenge beginnings into one of the largest social media apps on the planet. While this evolution is great, making a splash on such a massive platform can be challenging….

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A team of marketers evaluate data at a large green table.

PPC Cost Breakdown: How Much Does Paid Advertising Cost?

The cost of paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC), advertising depends on several factors and your goals. Businesses as big as Apple and small as your local bakery likely invest a fair share of their annual marketing budget on paid advertising. Cost, platform, budget and your return on ad spend vary by size, industry market and…

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A female market jots down a note during a meeting.

TikTok vs. YouTube: The Video Platform Showdown

There’s no doubt video marketing is a proven winner. Marketing teams in every industry know that creating the right video content for the right platform can substantially improve brand awareness and drive conversions. But with limited time, budget and resources, most marketers have to prioritize content creation. If you’re choosing between a robust TikTok presence…

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Person on their phone, scrolling through an account on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social media is an effective marketing tool for brands and organizations of any size. Even if you’ve had a dedicated social media marketing strategy for years, it’s sometimes hard to evaluate ROI, determine strengths and weaknesses or accurately track social media’s role in driving conversions. We’ve worked with local brands, national home service franchises and…

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Digital Marketing FAQ

When you’ve worked in marketing for a couple of decades, you’ve surfed countless waves of change. Through it all, these have been the top digital marketing FAQs we hear at Oneupweb. Cruise our answers to these marketing questions, and feel free to ask us directly! How Do You Reach the Right Audience in Digital Marketing?…

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Facing Your Social Media Marketing Problems

Your customers are spending more time than ever on social media platforms. All that scrolling, swiping, and liking is driving renewed importance of social media marketing and social ecommerce, forcing brands to rethink how they present themselves to the world. The average American spent more than 1,300 hours on social media in 2020; now is…

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A graphic for a Facebook algorithm blog and how to be a successful brand on Facebook.

How Has Facebook Changed Its Algorithm?

The only constants in life are death, taxes and Facebook changing its algorithm. Because the algorithm changes so regularly, your social media presence must adapt to keep you relevant. So, how do you do that? First, you’ll need an understanding of what the algorithm is and some of the current guidelines it uses. Then we…

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