How to Make the Most of Myspace: Beyond the Minute

In today’s marketplace, you can’t afford to leave any stone unturned when it comes to promoting yourself and networking on social media. Myspace, the king of social media, is still (and will always be) the best way to gain recognition, interact with a dedicated community of followers, and show the world your intrinsic cool. Why […]

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CMS Management 101

CMS 101: Search Engine & Social Media Optimization

Small things make a big difference. Sometimes you don’t have time or resources to go digging through code to figure out why your site doesn’t rank, but the truth is that many of the most significant fixes you can make take just a few clicks to enable. That, or maybe you just need to organize […]

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2017: The Year of the Video

There were a lot of trends that were here and gone again in 2016, but one that is here to stay through 2017 and beyond is video. Last year as an agency we shot, edited and produced more videos than we have in our company history. Pretty incredible! Some of these videos were for our […]

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The 10,000 Character Question: Will it save Twitter?

Twitter plans on making big changes in the coming months–will it open the platform up for 10,000-character Tweets (versus the current 140-characters)? Twitter is in trouble—but how many people care? (Kurt Russell can’t be the only one who doesn’t “get” Twitter…) The micro-blogging platform has had its fair share of issues—perhaps more than any other […]

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Snack-Sized Content: Food for Thought

I love snacks, admit it, you do too. The instant gratification of honey BBQ Kettle potato chips is undeniable. People want to digest content similar to how you just inhaled those potato chips. Your customers want quick and convenient content because these days, communication is more focused on the essence of the message than the […]

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Move over Google, Pinterest is Coming in Hot

While we all know Google is the world’s largest search engine, we need to remember there are other ways people are searching the Internet, including social search engines like Pinterest. Pinterest–the visual discovery social channel we all love–has evolved far beyond its humble scrap-booking and recipe-sharing origins. With massive growth resulting in an ever-growing uber […]

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11 Tips for Selling on Social

Are you ready to sell on social media? This post will show you how to find and attract leads, build relationships, move your social media followers into your marketing funnel, and finally, how to make the sale! 1. Be present on social media, and use keywords in your profiles. The very first step is to […]

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The Golden Question: Should I Handle Digital Marketing In-House or Hire an Agency?

Your company has reached a critical juncture, you’re either: 1)  Growing beyond your ability to keep up 2)  Stagnating 3)  Or gasp… shrinking … In other words…you need help. Your sales team needs more leads in the pipeline and they need to either close that business fast, or access an automated system for long-term cultivation. It’s time […]

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The Art of Targeting Men Using Pinterest

Considering recent site improvements and the launch of Promoted Pins, advertisers have excellent new opportunities to target men using Pinterest. When Pinterest launched in March 2010, it nailed the landing in becoming the premier online digital scrapbook for collecting recipes, DIY schematics, wedding ideas, inspirational quotes, and much more (including my favorite: the Willy Wonka […]

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Infographics: Tested and Proven

Infographics drive brand awareness, audience engagement, cross-web traffic and –ultimately– conversions, but they require thoughtful, strategic planning. Designing attractive infographics that offer important statistics or insights in an attractive format keeps prospects on your website longer, inspires them to share your content and increases the chances that they’ll remember your brand. With the ubiquity of […]

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Competitor Analysis – Without Competition We Would All Be Stagnant

When is the last time you took a deep dive into what your competitors are doing? If it’s been a while, it’s time to do some research. Through competitor analysis, you can future-proof your business and anticipate what’s around the corner for your industry or sector. Chances are, somebody in your industry is digitally marketing […]

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Retention Slips :: How Much Would Your Revenue Increase by Improving Customer Retention?

Your customers hang out online. Are your digital marketing efforts keeping them satisfied? Quick Takeaways: Small increases in customer retention rates result in significant revenue increases The Golden Rule is alive and well—the biggest reason customers leave is because they were treated poorly Social media is low-hanging fruit for retention strategy starting points Measure and […]

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