Does This Ad Make Me Look Gay? 5 Brands Hitting the LGBT Marketing Sweet Spot

With Pride Month kicking off today, we wanted to turn the spotlight on 5 brands that are hitting the LGBT sweet spot and gaining support from the wider market along the way.

With a nearly $800 billion dollar market share and quickly expanding, the LGBT community is a prime audience for brand growth across a range of industries. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT or “gay”) market over-index in many categories including travel, spirits, automotive, clothing and housing as well as have often underserved needs in the financial services and healthcare industry. Brands that are resonating the most with the LGBT community are those telling a story of family values and inclusion.lgbt_banner

Check out our favorite LGBT ad campaigns:

Honey Maid: This is Wholesome

The Honey Maid ads show what the brand describes as “real-life stories,” including Jason and Tim, a couple raising two sons. Toting the tagline, “No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will,” Honey Maid simply captures the diversity of the “typical” American family.

Of course, this started a controversy in which Honey Maid responded with this even more compelling video:

Chevrolet Traverse: The New Us

From the heart of the Mid-west, and our great state of Michigan came the Chevrolet Traverse ad that ran during the Olympics. Again demonstrating that family-values are the core of their message, Chevy states that, “While what it means to be a family hasn’t changed. What a family looks like has.”

Expedia: Find Your Understanding

Focusing on the “journeys” we take, Expedia tells the story of Artie Goldstein as he travels across the country to attend his daughter’s same-sex wedding, a journey that will test him, challenge him, and ultimately change him in unexpected ways.

Nordstrom: The Ultimate Wedding Party

Starring the team, with a cameo by hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis this playful video invites all shapes, sizes, colors and orientation to have the “Best. Day. Ever.”

Crocker Jeans: Erika Linder for Crocker

Little known in the US, JC Jeans Company invites you behind the scenes in the making of the celebrated “Erika Linder for Crocker” SS14 campaign. This film, made to inspire creativity and confidence, features gender bending, Erika Linder and highlights the traditions she challenges by just being herself. Whatever that is.