5 Fantastic Websites that Encourage You to Play With Your Food

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As a creative medium, the Internet has given brands not just a new advertising channel, but new opportunities to entertain, educate and intrigue us.

These five food websites remind us of what we knew when we were young—that playing with your food is fun—and present inspiring interactive experiences that strengthen the bond between us and our food.


1. World Baking Day 2014

Thomas is baking for his parents because the bank of mom and dad is open 24/7, with great interest rates and customer service.

Take a bite out of this chocolate-covered website from Country Crock.

Each featured recipe is accompanied by a short, humorous interactive story that tells exactly why and for whom they are baking.



 2. Food Porn Index

screen shot of the Bolthouse Farms food porn website
WTF (What The Food)

In the food-photo-obsessed world of social media, there is one truth—the worse the food is for your health, the more we need to take a photo of it, and include as many hashtags as possible.

Bolthouse Farms, makers of some seriously tasty and healthy natural juice blends (as well as many other yummy fruit- and veggie-based treats) wants to change how we photo our food.

To encourage a healthier perspective on the #FoodPorn phenomenon, this website keeps a running tally of healthy hashtags such as #kale, #berry & #avocado, and “pits” them against some not-so-healthy hashtags such as #bacon, #cupcake & #fried.



3. Project TP

Screenshot of the Cheetos Project TP website
Warning! Don’t try this at home.

Anyone who eats their fair share of the cheesy-doodlely-noodlely goodness known as “Cheetos” knows that Chester Cheetah can’t back down from a good prank.

This website combines the wicked powers of Cheetos, toilet paper, and Google Maps for a digital prank of epic proportions. You might even call it a digital toilet paper takeover of the world—and they do say it. It’s on the website and everything. It’s not even in the fine print, and I do recommend reading the fine print. It’s Delicious.

If you care to see what happens when you drop a payload on Oneupweb… click the link. I double-dare you!



4. Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.

screenshot of the panera hard road website
Have you tried the focaccia?

Travel down the “hard” road in an interactive adventure from Panera Bread that tells the story behind the choice to serve only antibiotic-free chicken in their chain of carbtastic restaurants.

Pull some levers. Push some buttons. Drive up hills (both ways). Help out a friend and enjoy the strange sight of two chickens jumping on a trampoline!

You’ll have so much fun, you might forget that you’re learning.



5. Big Mac Mind Test

Screen shot of the Mig Mac test website
Big Mac anyone?

The power of the Big Mac is truly remarkable. Or, at least that is what this website claims. Do you dare to challenge your mind? Will you begin to have strange and almost unexplainable cravings for this double-patty triple-bunned burger?  Will you need to fly over the Atlantic and visit a UK McDonald’s for a UK-style Big Mac as soon as you click the link and visit said website?

You might.

And even if you don’t, you will probably still have fun with this interactive, full-screen video and audio website.




Now that we are inspired, salivating and craving maple-bacon cupcakes (Ok, that may just be me), there is just one more thought I want to leave you with.

How can your business build more engaging digital experiences?

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