5 Subtle Animations in Web Design, a Oneupweb Must (Re)Read

Sometimes, you just need to go back and play the hits.

By that I mean: sometimes you need to revisit that great content some of you may have seen before, but most of you need to see again.

This time I’m talking about a seminal piece of content we wrote called 5 Areas in Web Design Where Using Subtle Animations Makes a Big Difference.

From the intro:

When we hear the word “animation,” we have a tendency to think of big, sweeping imagery, big-budget parallax design or a huge video background. But the term “animation” can mean a variety of things in web design. Sometimes it refers to the small stuff.

Minimum transitions and effects on elements enhances both the user experience and the sense of atmosphere on the site.

So—go back and read our post about subtle animations. We cover:

1. Navigation & Menu (discussing things such as hover states, drop downs and responsive menus)

2. Buttons

3. Forms (like non-loss transitions, loading bar animations and single input dropdowns)

4. In-page scrolling

5. Pop-ups & Notifications

Shameless plug aside—this is content you still need to be aware of and stay tuned for updates.