5 Ways to Improve Your B2B LinkedIn Business Page

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Are you doing everything you can to leverage LinkedIn for your B2B? Improve your B2B LinkedIn business page using these five simple tips.

LinkedIn’s network contains over 3 million professional groups and over 2 million businesses. The professional social network isn’t just for shopping around for your next job—B2B’s can also leverage it to generate leads.

1. Leverage the Power of Word of Mouth—Tap Your Network for Recommendations

Travel companies rely on customer testimonials on sites like Trip Advisor and Oyster. Restaurants and other service-based B2Cs thrive from positive reviews on Yelp! or UrbanSpoon. It’s easy for B2C companies to gather consumer testimonials—your B2B may need to work a little harder. LinkedIn allows members in your network to comment and make recommendations about your products and services. Look at Adobe’s LinkedIn profile as an example. Notice the first recommendation for Adobe’s Marketing Cloud comes from the CEO of a company. What’s more influential than a strong testimonial from a reputable source?

2. Engage Your Audience by Being Human

The Golden Rule of social media is simple: Be human. No one wants a hard sell; your audience is deaf to shameless, cold corporate speak. As you engage your audience, do it as if you were personally interacting with them. Keep all your content relevant, timely and useful for your audience. Use images, honest, conversational prose, and rich media.

Here’s a nice example from Cisco’s profile page:


The content is not only relevant to Cisco’s audience, but it also teases engagement by asking a question..

3. Sponsor Your Best Content

 LinkedIn allows businesses to sponsor updates, giving your business the ability to target and reach more qualified leads. Here at Oneupweb, we’ve found big success using this feature, but also consider HubSpot’s case study: When HubSpot sought to generate traffic and leads by leveraging their library of ebooks, webinars and guides, the inbound marketing leader decided to use sponsored posts in LinkedIn. The result: 400% more leads within their target audience and one of the largest paid lead generators during the campaign.

4. Optimize Your Profile

Think in keywords when you draft your company’s description and as you list your company’s specialties. Populate your profile with rich media, images and links. The size of your network can impact your ability to be found in LinkedIn, so expand it by tapping your email contacts or leveraging your more-robust social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) encouraging the followers there to join you on LinkedIn. Join relevant industry groups and participate in discussions.  

5. Follow Fundamental Best Practices

Sounds simple, but it’s easy to overlook. Take the time to build out your LinkedIn business page, using a great hero image that showcases what your B2B is all about and organizing your content appropriately (utilizes a “Services” tab as opposed to a “Products” tab when your B2B is service-orientated, for example). And post regularly.

Look at HP, whose B2B LinkedIn page was started in 2010. In 2013, the company has gathered over 1 million followers.

HP Header

HP Profile

How did they manage to do it in so short of a time? By exercising some fundamentals, but also by engaging actively with their community and offering up relevant, highly shareable content.

LinkedIn’s lead generation potential cannot be ignored, especially in the B2B space. Are you doing everything you can to leverage your B2B’s LinkedIn profile? Contact Oneupweb’s social media marketers today and let’s talk about using this social channel—among others—in your B2B marketing efforts.

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