If I Were 22 Again

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Wow. What a tough age.
I wouldn’t want to be 22 again, but if I were I’d pass a few tips along to myself.

Here we go—short and sweet.

  1.  What you truly know would fit in a thimble. No matter how book smart you are, you’re a dumb-ass. You have lots of learning to do and you’ll be much smarter, faster, if you lose some ego now and pay attention.
  2. Have high expectations, but prepare to be disappointed. Challenge and push yourself and others around you to be the best. Not the best they can be – but the best. The global market insists that you be better than other options so start now.
  3. Work hard now, play later. Nothing of worth is handed to you. The stories of overnight success stemming from a cool app that makes billions overnight, or some geek developing pc’s in his garage are few and far between. Your chance of hitting the Powerball numbers are higher.
  4. Prepare to change careers. What you think you want to do now for the rest of your life will not likely be what you do for long. You may chase some pie in the sky, get bored or disenchanted with your perfect career, or the economy may dictate you change. Don’t worry about it, just learn all you can and try to remain flexible.
  5. Be gracious and humble. Many people will help you along the way. Remember to thank them and help out where you can. Karma is real.

photo credit: a.drian via photopin cc (Original image has been cropped and colored for blog)

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