Meta Verified for Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

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Meta hinted at a more robust verification program in early 2023 when it announced Meta Verified. Initially offered to creators, the subscription bundle is now available to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook business accounts. The bundle includes several exclusive resources designed to help brands get more from organic and paid efforts – but is it worth it?

What is Meta Verified?

First announced in February 2023, Meta Verified is a subscription service tailored to meet the needs of content creators. Access was limited to the US, UK and European markets for several months, with global release completed in June 2023.

Insiders a similarly paced rollout for Meta’s business verification program, announced in September 2023. After completing the Meta business account verification process (more on that below), marketers will have access to a few nifty perks, including:

  • Verification – Only business subscribers will feature a verified badge (see: X) that’s legit. Verification requires a government ID and video identification in some global markets.
  • Enhanced security – Subscribers will also get what Meta calls “proactive account protection” and monitoring.
  • Exclusive features – Spice up your Stories and Reels with exclusive stickers and editing tools.
  • Direct account support – Finally! Facebook is promising real-time, real-life account support from “a real person.” The inability to access useful support has plagued managers for years. For business marketers, this is worth the subscription alone!

Download this PDF to have all the information you need about Meta Verified for Business in one handy location.

What’s the Difference Between Meta Verified for Businesses and Creators?

Both bundles offer the perks listed above. The eagle-eyed may have noticed a few additional features in the business subscription.

  • Verified businesses will be “featured” at or near the top of Instagram and Facebook apps’ search results. They’ll also appear as recommended pages to follow in the newsfeed.
  • On WhatsApp, subscribers can customize their page and get multi-device chat assignments – this is a nice tool for brands who use WhatsApp for customer service communications.

The other difference? The price. At least for now, the Meta Verified for Business is $21 per month per platform compared to $11 per month per platform for the creator package.

That’s right. Most headlines focused on the $21 price tag without noting that the verification program is actually $34.99 if you go for both Facebook and Instagram. For now, WhatsApp verified will operate within the existing Business Platform – there’s no additional pricing information there quite yet.

Meta Business Suite Verification: What You’ll Need

Most organizations we work with already have verified business accounts, but if you haven’t jumped off that bridge yet, here’s how:

  1. Log into Business Manager.
  2. Select “Security Center” and choose “Start Verification.”
  3. Fill out all your business details – make sure they match your DBA or business documentation exactly!
  4. Upload a photo of your business license, articles of incorporation or other forms of identification as prompted.
  5. Choose a confirmation method, including email, phone call, text or WhatsApp.
  6. Wait for confirmation!

How Long Does It Take to Get Verified on Meta Business Suite?

According to Meta, getting verified can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as two weeks. Businesses will get a confirmation notification from the channel they’ve chosen. Meta will provide a few troubleshooting options if the business can’t be verified.

Additional Eligibility Requirements

There are two additional requirements associated with Meta’s Verified for Business. First, all business accounts must be at least three months old. You’ll also need at least one Instagram account or Facebook page associated with your Meta Business Account. For most users, these requirements aren’t an issue!

What We Don’t Know – Yet

While individual creator accounts have access to reach, impressions and engagement metrics, Meta hasn’t released any data showing how much impact paid subscriptions have had compared to a traditional organic and paid approach. Without having access to proprietary or platform data, it’s tough to calculate the value of the existing bundle for creators or forecast the utility of the subscription for business. Still, if you’ve ever struggled with account help, paying $419.88 per year for dedicated account support might sound like a steal.

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