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Expanded Text Ads Will Help Qualify Users Pre-Click

It appears that Google will begin testing a new ad format in the coming months. Expanded Text Ads is a closed beta test for select advertisers that will eventually be rolled out to all AdWords advertisers.  Google has yet to confirm the exact date but we’d anticipate this feature being available in Q3.

This is a recent example that we’ve seen around the web. The main differences compared to current text ads are: longer headlines, additional description text and display character totals. The additional character counts offer a great opportunity to help pre-qualify consumers before clicking on them. We’ve seen CPC’s climb beyond $50 in some verticals, and this is a great opportunity to add pertinent information that sets your company apart from your competitors. This will help a lot of accounts get the incremental clicks and conversions that you’ve been looking for.

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Expanded Text Ads is a much needed update because it reflects the behavioral shift to a mobile-first world over the past two years. Recent studies show that 80% of consumers use a smartphone to search the web.  Since the first interaction with a potential consumer will likely be on a mobile device, and providing consumers with as much detail as possible about your business is crucial.

Along with the increasing trend in what Google refers to as “micro-moments,” we’ll see a few additional changes to the AdWords UI before the end of the year. These changes include: updates to demographic segmentation for search network campaigns, similar audiences for search, device bidding adjustments along with droppable pins within Google Maps.

These updates were recently confirmed at Google’sPerformance Summit 2016, and are a going to be well received within the industry.

Early beta advertisers are showing up to +20% increases in CTR, so you’ll need to stay tuned for more details on the eventual roll out to all AdWords advertisers.

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