Oneupweb’s Guide to Pinterest: Rich Pins (Part 3)

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In our last post we covered Promoted Pins, now it’s time to talk Rich Pins.

What are Rich Pins?

  • Rich Pins are a special type of Pin that makes using the platform more straightforward and seamless.
  • Not to be confused with Promoted Pins, Rich Pins are actually free for businesses.
  • These Pins include extra information beyond just the image (like real-time pricing on a product, availability or where to buy it), click-through link and the Pinner’s description.
  • It is recommended that advertisers build out Rich Pins prior to launching Promoted pins (the more info/content, the better).
  • Currently, there are six types of Rich Pins.

Rich Pins types:
















Place Pins:3pin

  • Place pins allow users to create a map with the content they share.  To enable place Pins, you simply check off the “add a map” option when you create or edit a Pin Board.
  • Selecting the map option overlays your Pins onto an actual interactive map (as opposed to the typical solid-color background).  You can then add places to your existing Pins and Pin new places as well.
  • Place Pins include important details like addresses and phone numbers – perfect for mapping out restaurants and other attractions when you’re planning a trip.

Article Pins:4pin

  • Just because Pinterest is highly visual in nature, doesn’t mean it’s not a good place to share written content.
  • As long as an article features an image, it can be Pinned to Pinterest.
  • But article Pins make it so that users can automatically see the article’s headline, author and a story description – making them much more searchable and distinguishing them from other content on the platform.

Product Pins:5pin

  • Product pins make shopping on Pinterest a lot easier. Unlike a regular Pin, Rich Pins show where the product you’re pinning can be purchased, the current price and a direct link to the product page.
  • Additionally, Product Pin prices are updated in real time, and if a user Pins a Product Pin to their board, they will be notified when the product’s price is lowered.
  • Since many Pinterest users create boards that serve as wish lists for things they want, Product Pins are a great way to convert Pins into purchases.

Recipe Pins:6pin

  • Pinterest is already a huge hub for foodies, and you can find just about any recipe imaginable on the site. Recipe Pins take sharing food on Pinterest to a whole new level.
  • Unlike a regular Pin, which would show an image and a description that is manually entered in by the Pinner, these recipe-specific Rich Pins show users important information like the necessary ingredients and their amounts, cooking times and serving info.
  • Recipe Pins also display details about whether a recipe is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc., making searching for – and determining which recipes you can make – a lot simpler.

Movie Pins: 7pin

  • Great for film buffs, these Rich Pins show more details about the movies you Pin.
  • Movie Pins include information like the year a film was released, its rating, the director and the main stars of the film.
  • When Pinning from different movie websites like Netflix, Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes, Pinners will also see how those websites’ users ranked films as well.

App Pins:

  • Pinterest’s newest addition to the Rich-Pins family allows you to share and download apps directly from the platform. Currently, app pins only work in the United States, and with iOS apps.
  • To use them, simply choose a device, and add a link to the App Store — Pinterest will add a download button to your pin, so users don’t even have to leave your Pin Board.

Promoted Pins + Rich Pins:

  • Both types of Pins can drive a return on investment for brands.
  • While advertisers have to pay to play in order to amplify their pins on a large scale, Rich Pins have the benefit of eliciting engagement and driving an action without the added cost.
  • Rich and Promoted Pins are not mutually exclusive, according to advertisers.  A Rich Pin means the Pin pulls through item data such as name, price and availability from the advertiser’s website.
  • A Promoted Pin means the advertiser is paying for the Pin to get it viewed by more people.
  • It’s recommended that a Pin is Rich before promoting, since Rich Pins pull through an additional logo and help maintain the branding as it is Pinned further downstream.

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