Robot Butler Terrifies Me

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A helping hand is on the way.
Live in the future by living with the future.
-Robot Butler marketing messaging

Something tells me the Internet is messing with me—this can’t be a real thing. A robot butler “designed to take over every aspect” of my life— every aspect?

This thing kind of spooks me out, but why do I think it’s a hoax? For starters, the imagery is dark and foreboding. Robot Butler’s homepage is a marvel in simple horror: what is that dark silhouette lingering in the background? Oh, that’s just the faceless Robot Butler, no big deal.


But wait, Martha Stewart says it’s a good thing—that it’s definitely a good thing—and she’s completely unterrifying so that puts me at ease real quick.

I clicked the Pre-Order button, but—surprise, surprise–they’re receiving “higher than expected” order volumes. So I emailed to ask if this is a real thing.

Have any of you stumbled upon this? I stumbled upon Robot Butler natively. That means I was over at, saw a “story” about Robot Butler sponsored by Robot Butler  and clicked. I knew it was sponsored content, but the headline lured me in (“Big promises in a little humanoid package”).

Who is behind this?

More importantly, what is this advertising, exactly? I’m convinced it’s a hoax/fake ad. After all, they’re urging their Facebook fans to update their software IMMEDIATELY.Robot Butler FB





My hunch? I honestly don’t know yet. The Google SERP doesn’t yield anything out of the ordinary. Time will tell, obviously—it always does.

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