‘Tis the Season for Something Different

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Welcome to Oneupweb.

If you haven’t come across us before, we’re glad you’re here. If you have—you may notice something’s a little different.

And that’s good because that’s our theme for this October: seasonality. But not just in the traditional sense, like holiday planning. We’re also using it in the broadest sense possible.

What does seasonality mean? At the core, it means that things are ever changing. Businesses adapt. Businesses pivot. Budgets are set quarterly, annually and sometimes somewhere in between. Fads come and go; trends stick around. Nothing is static.

You get the picture.

We’re kicking this month off with an e-zine on seasonality and business changes: Weathering Change: Your Guide to Seasonality and Business Cycles. If you’re a fan of our white papers, you’ll find the same kind of content here, too—but we also wanted to offer you a mix of just about everything. Here’s what’s in this month’s issue:

Section 1: Fall          

Bountiful Harvest: Planning Advice for Seasonal and Cyclical Businesses             

A Quick Note About Paid Media for the Holiday Season

Section 2: Winter    

The Winter of Your Business: A Survival Guide for the Down Season    

Burnout VS. Stress: De-stress Before Burnout

Section 3: Spring     

Clothes Disguising The Fool: Identifying Fads and Trends

Avoiding Getting Wrapped Up in the Fads

Section 4: Summer 

Oneupweb Debates: Endless August Are Online Channels Flattening Traditional Seasonality?       

Otherwise, keep coming back as we dive a little deeper over the course of this month into the topic of seasonality. There will be plenty of useful and entertaining content that discusses seasonality in both the traditional sense and in some unorthodox ways. We’ll discuss content calendars, spending budget by years’ end and more. And then next month we switch it up and dissect another topic (Spoiler alert: It’s going to be about Google).

We hope you like the new direction we’re taking, anchoring our content around a theme each month.

But while our content may hinge upon a specific monthly theme, we’re still your trusted agency for all things digital marketing. If you’re interested in reaching out to us directly to talk about what we can do for your business, please do.


Lisa Wehr
Oneupweb Founder & CEO

PS: Just to tantalize you a little bit more…here’s a sneak peek at the inside:


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