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Monday Marketing Minute: Google My Business Reviews

Every Monday, marketing experts from Oneupweb take a minute to give you industry tips and tricks, the newest noteworthy trends, and more. This week, Ashley Mugnolo and Gillian Cobb talk about Google My Business reviews. We’ll cover why reviews on your Google My Business account are important and how to get your customers to leave one for […]

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Google My Business

Monday Marketing Minute: Google My Business Verify, Update and Tag

Every Monday, marketing experts from Oneupweb take a minute to talk about industry tips and tricks, new and noteworthy trends, and more. This week we sit down with Freddy Hunt and Gillian Cobb to talk about how to get the most out of Google My Business for your company. Check out the full transcript with the video below and […]

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Monday Marketing Minute: Understanding GDPR

Every Monday, marketing experts from Oneupweb take a minute to talk about industry tips and tricks, new and noteworthy trends, and more. This week, we sit down with Ashley Mugnolo and Freddy Hunt to discuss how U.S. companies are affected by the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy that went into effect May […]

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Google GDPR

Is Google Dumping Your Analytics Data for GDPR?

Many marketing managers learned about GDPR about a month ago, when Google Analytics sent out a message notifying account holders that they can and should update their data retention settings. Some account holders reacted with panic, fearing their historic analytics data will be lost forever once the new GDPR regulations take effect on May 25. […]

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keyboard shortcut

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Tricks: Cheat Sheets to Make Life Easier

One cold day at Oneupweb, I was talking to our senior graphic designer, Nicole, and the rest of our internal marketing team about best practices for links on a page. Should they open in the same browser tab or in a new tab? I prefer a new tab because I hate being required to right […]

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Local Listing

2018 Marketing Predictions: Local Listing Management

With it being the end of the year, it’s time to focus on what changes we can expect to see in 2018 that will affect marketers. As part of our “2018 Predication” series, we talked to Senior Business Strategist, Dave Doran, about what is in store for Local Listings Management in 2018. What is one […]

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Crowd of people

FAQ of Developing Your Marketing Strategy

Who should I be marketing to? Like many things in marketing, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for this. Who you should be marketing to depends on the customer profile you create. This profile is developed based on a number of factors that help you build a representation of your customer, such as why they would […]

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Wrong way

5 Signs You’re Doing Your Marketing Strategy Wrong

Although every company is different and requires different tactics as part of their marketing strategy. There is a right and wrong way to go about developing your plan. Here are five signs that you’re doing your marketing strategy the wrong way. 1. You don’t know who your target audience is Every part of your marketing […]

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two different colored doors

Current Customer Profile vs. Ideal Customer Profile

Behind every good marketing strategy is a good buyer persona – or there should be. If you’ve worked with a marketing agency before, no doubt you have been told the importance of the buyer persona; if you haven’t then listen up now – buyer personas are important!  Maybe right now you’re rolling your eyes as […]

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Nonprofit Marketing ROI

Nonprofit Marketing: Calculating and Proving ROI

  Nonprofits, like many organizations, can struggle with getting a marketing budget that allows them to do everything their marketing team wants to do – or sometimes needs to do – to bring in the most qualified leads. So if you are working with a small budget and have big goals, how do you ensure […]

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millennials at a clean water march

Millennial Marketing: Tips for Nonprofits

Millennials are now the largest living generation in the U.S., and nonprofits are looking for better ways to attract their support and loyalty as donors. Although the stereotypical qualities that you often hear associated with millennials may make nonprofits nervous, it is best to remember that there are a lot of great qualities found in […]

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digital marketing changes faster than a toddler playing dress up

5 Tips for Keeping Your Marketing Strategy Relevant

If you aren’t staying current on trends and updating your marketing strategy on a regular basis you could be spending time, money, and resources implementing a marketing strategy that isn’t relevant. To help make sure that your marketing strategy remains current and works hard for you we’ve asked our account managers to share some tips. […]

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