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It’s never a bad time to reflect on your social media strategy and make plans for what’s next. Take stock of your team’s social media marketing to evaluate success, prioritize platforms and plan ahead. Whether you still think of TikTok as the 2009 pop hit by Kesha or you’re a bit of an influencer yourself, our social media audit checklist is for you!

Social media changes rapidly, so we recommend conducting a professional social media audit every 18 months to two years. In the meantime, you can analyze your efforts yourself with a free social media audit checklist.

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What Is a Social Media Audit?

A social media audit reviews your presence on social platforms. You can run an audit for all your social platforms at once or focus on one site at a time to take a deep dive into the data. Our social media audit template is a great starting point, and you can always explore more specific questions after you’ve covered the basics.

Regular social media audit reports help you track growth on different platforms and decide whether each social media account is serving your business or not. Audits can help identify strengths, shed light on shortcomings and remind you of what competitors are dominating the space.

Why Conduct a Social Media Audit?

Social media might not be your most profitable marketing channel, but it is everywhere. It’s often the first touchpoint you have with customers, so it’s important to gauge what your business looks like from a social media user’s point of view.

Not only is a social media audit important for understanding how your brand appears online, but it also helps you analyze where your time and money is being spent – and if that should change. For example, are you spending hours on Twitter but seeing no engagement? This free audit checklist will expose gaps like that in your social media marketing strategy.

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Do Your Own Free Social Media Audit, Step-by-Step

When auditing time rolls around again, start with planning tasks. These steps help you go into your audit prepared and ready to gather the most useful data:

  1. Identify the platform(s) you want to audit.
  2. For each platform, make note of:
    1. Current posting frequency
    2. Current voice and tone
    3. Analytics (Each social platform has built-in analytics. You can browse through and download spreadsheets of relevant information.)
  3. For the rest of our steps to a social media audit, download our free social media audit checklist.

Go Deeper with a (Hypothetic) Social Media Audit Example

For those of us who learn better with a little more context, here’s a quick example of a Facebook page audit:

  1. Log onto your Facebook account.
  2. You discover that your posting frequency is twice a day (without much engagement) and that you typically share around three posts a week from other creators.
  3. Your posts use a friendly, professional tone of voice.
  4. Most of your posts are text-only, but of the few posts with photos or videos, you find more likes and shares.
  5. Your posting is consistent, with no unusual variations from brand guidelines.
  6. Your top-performing posts usually occur in the middle of the week, around noon.

Even without drilling down into imaginary metrics, we can already learn a few things from this hypothetical Facebook audit. You may be posting too frequently, straining your team’s resources to keep coming up with content without great returns. There’s an opportunity to try reducing your posting schedule to drive up engagement. You also know which types of posts get the best engagement and at what times; it’s a good idea to up the multimedia posts and save your most important content for the middle of the week.

You can also see that consistency is a strong suit for your team. That’s an important characteristic and could be a sign that your squad can support a presence on additional channels. Remember, social media audits aren’t just for finding flaws. It’s equally valuable to note what you’re doing well, so you can keep it up in the future.

Download our free checklist now.

What Does a Complete Audit Look Like?

Our agency’s extensive social media audit service goes further than the checklist. We spend time determining the best post times, analyzing engagement data and uncovering insights to help your brand move beyond vanity metrics and toward a more lucrative strategy.

During our full social media audit service, we look at your social platforms individually to analyze posts, brand presentation and the ways you utilize links and media. Your organization’s audit will include:

  • Detailed reporting on reach and engagement metrics
  • Recommended KPIs for your team to track weekly and monthly
  • Social media trends and how your industry is utilizing them
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Hashtag research

Get an Honest Look at Your Social Media Efforts

Our dedicated Social Media team invests time and energy in staying ahead of social media trends. See how professional social media managers can fine-tune your strategy and make things click. Interested in working with us? Reach out or call 231-922-9977 to see how a full social media audit can help your business.

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