Storyboarding Tips for Marketing Videos

Videos—they’re pretty neat. Especially the ones that garner millions and millions of views online or the ones that make you say “Man—I wish my company looked as cool as this one does in its reel.”

There is no exact science to making a great video. There is a process, however. Practically everything starts before you pick up the camera. To prevent your inner-Steven-Spielberg from producing Ed-Wood-like “quality” marketing videos, follow this simple process:

Conceptualize. Start with and develop a concept. Brainstorm it; run it though it’s paces. Do some research. Whatever it takes—just make sure your concept is strong and that you know the purpose behind creating a particular piece of video content.

Outline. Figure out the overarching story arc and progression. What’s the story? Who are the characters? What’s the purpose?

Storyboard. A storyboard is a sequence of drawings or rough sketches that illustrate your vision for the video. They’re a critical component to making sure your video stays close to its original vision.

Let’s go over a few of the finer details of storyboards. Storyboards include:

  • Camera/Shot Descriptions (Close Up, Handheld Shot, Wide Shot etc.)
  • Script/Dialogue
  • Location
  • Action (What’s Happening on Screen, Movement etc.)
  • Transitions
  • Music and sound effect descriptions

Storyboard 1Storyboard 2

When creating a killer storyboard for your next video, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Keep it Simple.

The illustrations don’t need to perfect and they don’t need to be beautiful. So don’t worry if you’re not an artist. They can be stick figures if they have to be. The most important thing is that it gets your vision and ideas across to the next person.

Remember the Camera.

Even though the storyboard is static, the video will not be. Don’t forget to include camera movements into your storyboard panels. Use arrows and descriptions in a panel if the camera moves, for example. Remember your different types of camera shots. Be specific about the camera and you will save time and money.

Don’t forget the Big Picture  

Don’t get stuck on every small detail. Those will iron out as you begin production. First focus on the overall theme and goal of the video.

Storyboarding is an essential part of the video process and will help any video become more awesome. Though if you’re struggling or even feel lost.  We’re here to help.  With our creative and video team we can take over the storyboard process and take your marketing video from there to completion. Call us or even leave a comment below.

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