5 Simple Ways to Re-Use Your Existing Blog Content

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Creating unique and compelling blog content is hard.  Deciding on a topic, writing, editing, proofing, then off to design and production, more proofing, scheduling, tagging… there are so many pieces to producing even the simplest blog. Then you post it, and start the whole process over again the next day. But, your blog has so much more to offer.

Here are 5 simple ways to get more out of your existing blog posts:

  1. Promote it Socially – Of course! Post the blog link to all your social profiles. Write an interesting caption or your opinion on the article, and include at least one relevant hashtag. Encourage others in your organization to do the same.
  2. Share it with Clients – Your current clients and customers are doing business with you because they think you’re the best, and they trust you. Reinforce their perception by regularly sharing your blog posts. We compile our top posts each month into an email digest we share with clients in case they missed it.
  3. Nurture Potential Leads – After you publish your blog, send it to your sales and business development teams. They’re always looking for a new angle to reach out to prospective customers, and blog content is a great way to warm a cool lead.
  4. Include it in a White Paper – Use your blog post as a section in a white or research paper. The blog bullet style and conversational voice is a great way to break up a deep read.
  5. Turn it into an Infographic – We are visual creatures! Get with a graphic designer to illustrate the key point from your blog. Then turn that infographic into a video– something we discussed recently here on our blog.

Can you think of other ways to re-purpose your existing blog content?  Share with us below

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