Homecare Marketing: A Success Story

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Oneupweb has a great partnership with one of the nation’s fastest-growing homecare franchise brands. It’s a unique opportunity for our agency to leverage our franchise and healthcare marketing experience to support a company on the move. As the industry gets more competitive, effective marketing is a key differentiator – and we’re driving impressive results across several projects.

The State of Play

Our homecare franchise partner currently supports over 150 locally owned offices in the US. Based on its commitment to quality, person-centered care, the brand has grown from a single location to one of the leading homecare companies in the US. The client has consistently invested in its digital marketing and technology stack, giving owner-operators exceptional visibility in the market space.

Our Collaboration Starts

Our first project with the client started in the spring of 2023. At the time, their internal team was stretched to its limit managing marketing efforts across several channels, not to mention the needs of their franchisees. Homecare franchises rely on national marketing to increase brand awareness, establish trust, and collect reliable data to inform future decision-making. During a time of rapid growth, the brand tagged in an experienced, fully integrated vendor to help keep pace.

The Problem

Chief among the client’s concerns was meeting the needs of their owner-operators. Franchisees contribute to the brand’s marketing and technology budgets, and the brand’s new leadership was eager to show that collaborative support was paying off.

Of course, the company had made those commitments before. Ultimately, the internal team was disappointed with underperforming outside vendors; too many missed deadlines, too many unreturned phone calls, and no results.

What they needed was a single vendor with the chops to strategize, create, implement, and analyze results. (You probably know where we’re going with this).

The Solution

Give Oneupweb a green light, and we’re going to go. After several meetings with client’s marketing and leadership teams, we tailored comprehensive homecare marketing strategies that combined paid media, SEO and content marketing, and a healthy dose of video and photography assets – all in a single year.

Stick to the Plan

Oneupweb pulled together team members from each department with healthcare, franchise, and home care experience to craft a three-phase approach.

Phase 1: Foundational Work UX/Accessibility AuditPhase 2: Robust SEO & Content SEO/Content Marketing retainerPhase 3: Brand Building & Lifting Friendship Video Series
– Technical Site Audit
– Writing for SEO Guide
– Paid Media Marketing retainer
– Condario retainer
– Local Homepage Optimizations
– Google Business Profile Franchisee Guide
– Testimonial Video Series
– Services Highlight Reel
– Veterans Paid Media Campaign w/Video

Over the course of several months, we worked through each item, making incremental improvements that added up to big results.

It wasn’t always a game of percentages, though. Right off the bat, we discovered a few big wins that gave the domain a perfectly timed push heading into summer 2023.

UX/Accessibility Audit – As you might expect, visual and auditory accessibility is critical to meeting the needs of a senior audience. Our combined design and development teams found several ways to make the site easier to use and more intuitive for an older generation.

On-page Optimization – Our SEO team optimized dozens of national services pages and more than 150 local homepages to increase their organic value. It paid off – optimized pages saw more year over year growth in organic sessions than non-optimized pages.

Paid Media – Speaking of paid, we greatly improved the accuracy of the domain’s conversion tracking and attribution, providing clean data to facilitate more informed decision-making. By optimizing our audience quality, our paid team saw exceptional improvements in engagement. Average session duration improved by 59% March 2023-2024, compared to the previous period.

Let the Good Times Roll

The first four months of 2024 validated the successes of the previous year. Here are a few standout metrics from January-April 2024 compared to the previous year.  

  • Total organic sessions increased by 9.5%
  • Organic homepage sessions increased by 50.8%
  • Organic blog sessions increased by 89.2%

The increase in volume translated into conversions, too. In April 2024, organic conversions outpaced the increase in organic sessions by a mile (or seven) compared to the same month the previous year.

  • Sitewide organic sessions: +3.4%
  • Organic call conversions: +96.4%
  • Organic form submits: +29.3%

A (Video) Says A Thousand Words

Homecare marketers know how important it is to provide messaging in a range of formats to meet different audiences – and you’ve got to have high-quality video. We finished over 75 video deliverables in 2023 and provided a detailed plan to maximize the value of each and every one. One of our Media Production team’s main goals is to maximize the value of every edit. That means the client has assets for its website, social media, and YouTube channel that convey the brand’s values and educate prospective clients.

Industry Growth Means Competition – And Opportunity

Marketing for homecare services is as competitive as the industry itself. The compound annual growth rate of the US homecare market in 2023 hit 3.6%, a 0.5% acceleration over the preceding five-year average. With a rapidly aging population and substantial industry support from local, state, and federal subsidies, the number of licensed providers jumped 5.7% in 2023, YoY. As more businesses enter the space, marketing will be a key differentiator.

We Know the Niche…

…but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a rinse-and-repeat approach. At Oneupweb, we support every homecare client with a personalized approach; we tackle your marketing challenges by leveraging deep industry experience and the latest industry know-how.

Put over 25 years of digital marketing expertise to work for your homecare company. Get in touch online or call (231) 922-9977 today to get started!

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