Meet Our New Executive Assistant Autumn Smith

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Autumn Smith portrait


Autumn Smith


Executive Assistant

What is your average day like at Oneupweb?

So far, there really hasn’t been an average day. Each day as the executive assistant is a little different. I am really enjoying being a part of this team, and I look forward to learning more and will eventually be transitioning to accounting.

What do you really do at Oneupweb?

So far, cleaning and stocking the fridge with Coke and LaCroix all day!

What makes Traverse City appealing?

I love Traverse City because it reminds me of home. Tawas City is a smaller version of Traverse City, mostly sustained by tourists and beautiful water views. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere I couldn’t see a body of water each day. Another thing that makes Traverse City so special is that it’s where I met my boyfriend Jef, where we adopted our dog Ruby, and where we bought our very first home. So many great memories.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Right now, we are constantly working on our house. We completely missed last summer because of renovation work, and we’re trying to get it wrapped up this spring so we can relax in the sun this summer. I enjoy walking the dog, taking advantage of the eating and drinking establishments downtown, roasting coffee with Jef, and spending time with my sister. On the rare occasion we can get away, we love camping at Fisherman’s Island in Charlevoix.

It’s 5:30 pm – What is your cocktail of choice?

Typically, beer – Bell’s Two Hearted Ale and Founders Centennial IPA are two of my favorites. If I’m having a cocktail, it will typically be a gin and tonic or a bourbon on the rocks.

What is the last song you intentionally listened to?

Norma Jean, “Robots 3, Humans 0”

What is your secret guilty pleasure?

Binge-watching anything on Bravo when Jef is not home.

Describe yourself in 3-5 words.

Work in progress.

Favorite Book/Movie/Album/TV Show:

Book: I don’t know that I have a favorite. I still check out books from the library, and I typically just read the description and reserve them online depending on my mood. Most recently, I read “The Lucky Ones” by Julianne Pachico and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson.

Movie: “Despicable Me”

Album: Anberlin, “Never Take Friendship Personal”

TV Show: “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” “A Cook’s Tour” – basically, anything with Anthony Bourdain.

What is one of life’s simple pleasures?

A pajama Sunday with snacks and Lions football. I used to consistently nap during Lions games, but they’ve been much more exciting these last few seasons.

Something weird/unique/quirky about yourself.

I have three baby teeth that do not have adult teeth to replace them. (I’m hoping to keep them as long as I can to avoid paying for oral surgery.)

Favorite place to eat in TC?

The Little Fleet. I love the variety. We feel at home there because we live nearby, and Happy’s Taco Shop is my favorite food truck.

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