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Google Launching Automated Call Extensions to Mobile Ads

On February 6th, Google began using automated call extensions in mobile ads. This new feature will automatically pull phone numbers featured on landing pages, not numbers manually entered through the AdWords interface. Per Google, mobile search will help to drive more calls to business and it is predicted to drive 19% more call to these businesses than using landing pages alone.

We believe this update is aimed at improving user experience while removing a potential barrier from the user path to your landing pages.

Call Reporting

Reporting for automatic call extensions will be available at the campaign or ad group level. They will not be reported in the automated extension report, either, but in the main call extension report. That at least means that you’ll be able to see all numbers being used for call extensions–whether of your doing or Google’s–in one location. A Google representative confirmed that if you do have call extensions set up in a campaign, Google will not add other call extensions.

For advertisers using dynamic phone numbers on landing pages and are not using call extensions, the Google rep says that for now it will screen for those scenarios and not generate automatic call extensions when dynamic phone numbers are detected on the landing pages.


There may be several reasons why advertisers may not be in favor of this change. Some may not want to pay for calls being placed to their business through mobile search ads and some may not want to encourage phone calls if they prefer to capture leads through form fills.

If you don’t think automated extensions will benefit your account, you may opt-out by navigating to the ad extensions tab, and select do not use automated extensions for this account.

*Note, that if you check this after February 6, you may need to remove any automated call extensions that Google generated from under the Call extensions section in the Ad extensions tab.

Have you been impacted by this update? We’d love to hear what’s going on with your account.

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