Implementing Content on Your Website: Accessibility Checklist

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It’s a lot easier to build accessibility into your web process than to make retroactive changes on an established site. Whenever you implement content on your website, begin with this basic accessibility checklist. It’s free to download and covers guidelines like these:

  • HTML heading structure
  • Image optimization
  • Link best practices
  • Content hierarchy

Download your website accessibility checklist here:

Remember: If you’re trying to achieve ADA or WCAG compliance, it’s key to have default website styles that are already accessible. Otherwise, you’ll be fixing issues page-by-page rather than sitewide – and a basic accessibility checklist will just be a band-aid. Oneupweb’s designers and developers would be happy to overhaul your website so it works better for you and your audience.

Why Focus on Web Accessibility? 

20% of the population has a disability, such as vision impairment or difficulty using a keyboard. When you prioritize accessibility, you meet the expectations of every user and minimize legal risks. Plus, businesses that embrace accessibility are likely to reach more people with their brand messaging.

How to Prioritize Accessibility Today

1. Use Free Audits, Checklists and WCAG Guidelines

If your website is already established, you can run a quick accessibility audit to start your journey of making it more inclusive. Then, every time you implement new content, use the website accessibility checklist above. (Just complete the form, and we’ll email you the printable PDF checklist.)

Finally, be sure to become familiar with WCAG standards straight from the source. To achieve AAA or AA compliance, you may need to make updates to your website templates and default styles, according to those rules.   

2. Choose a Digital Agency That Cares About Accessibility

Are all your website and marketing vendors on board with accessibility? They should be! At Oneupweb, accessibility is baked into each design and development service we offer. We even celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day with some fun designs.

Have accessibility questions? Need some support? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Oneupweb here or call us at (231) 922-9977.

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