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The digital space is always exciting and always moving at warp speed. For me, that means constant engagement, constant connectivity. It is unbelievably overwhelming, yet utterly satisfying.

What is content marketing, exactly? It is the melding of art and science, commerce and content, strategy and optimization. Content marketing is an all-encompassing puzzle, where each piece is integral to the success of the campaign. As technology advances, it has become imperative to measure each and every marketing effort made. But that is why digital is so great; it is 100% trackable via software tools like Google Analytics and HubSpot.

There are many examples of innovative digital marketing. So many that it’s hard to sift through and pull out specific ones. Everyone loves the big ones–Red Bull, American Express, Fit Bit, but there are so many other brands and businesses that also bring true innovation when it comes to their digital marketing efforts. Have you seen the #wellstoried initiative by Land Rover? If not, definitely check it out. In my opinion, it’s one of the best interactive initiatives and it speaks directly to my adventurous sense.

2nd gen #RangeRover Sport making quick work of the brand new features at the Land Rover Experience in Manchester, #VT. #offroad #LandRover #L494 #wheellift #supercharged #V8 #behindthescenes

Or have you seen Jack Daniel’s bar stories? This is an incredible example of storytelling, one that really tugs at the emotional heartstrings of the readers. It is an amazing feat considering this is a whiskey brand, but it sure does work.

The Legend of Old No. 7

Legend of Old No. 7
Was it simply his lucky number? Some say that Jack Daniel had seven girlfriends or the #7 train carried his barrels. Only Mr. Jack knows the real reason.

Another one of my favorite pieces of content is an infographic created by Jabil called “The Rise of the Internet of Things.” This infographic pushes the envelope as far as infographics go, and we all know I like to push the envelope. The information provided is controversial, smart and intriguing. It uses a ton of colors, fantastic graphics and tells a story that has years’ worth of comparison data and predictions. I also like that the content appeals to many different audiences: digital marketers, entrepreneurs, Jabil’s customers, manufacturing companies, gadget geeks, and so on.

The rise of the internet of things
How many “things,” including your body, can you communicate with through a device? And will a smartwatch become more like a wearable woven into your garments, contact lenses or implanted into your body?

What is good content though, if nobody sees it? It is a common theme with marketers; it takes so many resources to create genuine, articulate, well-thought-out content that resonates with your audience. And then it takes just as much effort to promote the hell out of it so people actually see your work. There are many resources to use to amplify content, such as; Outbrain, American Marketing Association, and Smart Brief. There is a fee associated with using these services; but it can be well worth it. It pays to play in the digital space.

Content promotion is another reason to take advantage of your social media channels. There is a strategic way to break up the same piece of content and promote it via your social channels that make the most sense. For example, you create this brilliant anchor piece of content, be it a whitepaper, e-zine, webinar, or what-have-you. From there, you take pieces of it and make an infographic for Facebook, a checklist for LinkedIn, an image for Instagram. You get the point. It is so important to have a strategy when looking to promote your content because if you don’t, it will be lost-and your time and effort wasted.

What is your content promotion strategy? Leave us a comment below and let us know what works for you.

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