Best Franchise Marketing Blogs and News Sites

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In marketing, minutes matter. It can be annoyingly time-consuming to find the resources that will move your franchise business forward. To make it easier, we compiled a list of our go-to spots for franchise marketing news.

  1. International Franchise Association
  3. Social Geek Radio
  4. Oneupweb

Each of these publishers has their own style of original franchise marketing blogs and news articles.

IFA Franchise Marketing Articles

The International Franchise Association (IFA) is a massive organization with good resources for a busy marketer – articles, events, etc. Their annual Marketing and Information Technology Conference is a great place to network and get new ideas. Since their audience isn’t just franchise marketers, the website is filled with resources for anyone seeking more information about franchising (investors, potential franchisees, etc.). Franchise Marketing Blog and Newsletter

While this popular franchise portal might annoy your franchise development team, the website has a special blog section about marketing franchises. The organization has a number of newsletters, including a specific franchise marketing newsletter sent every other Tuesday. Plus, their COVID-19 Report newsletter is worth subscribing to, no matter your industry.

Social Geek Radio Franchise Marketing News Podcast

If listening is more your speed, Social Geek Radio is an excellent place to go. Twice a week, podcast host Jack Monson discusses all sorts of small business, franchise and digital marketing news. You can learn about all their podcasts here.

Oneupweb Franchise Marketing Articles, Guides and Newsletter

Yep, we had to include ourselves in this list. For more than 20 years, our agency has been working side by side with franchises – from budding brands to international powerhouses. Over that time, we’ve created loads of franchise marketing articles, including our Franchise Marketing Playbook. And we’re excited to offer our franchise marketing email newsletter, Franchise Forward. This newsletter provides articles and takeaways to help our readers grow their franchise businesses, whether they’re on the franchisor or franchisee side. You can sign up here.

These resources do a great job of providing diverse franchise marketing news and other insights so you can focus on your day-to-day.

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