New Music Tuesday – Greensky, The Devil & Gunfighter Ballads

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New Music Tuesday needs more broken strings!

Below is a short playlist of bands that I think you should be listening to right now. I picked one song for each band, although I highly recommend checking out the entire album. And since music is best enjoyed live, I linked to local band info and tour dates where possible.

Greensky Bluegrass
Song: Windshield
Album: If Sorrows Swim

The last time I saw Greensky Bluegrass was at the Kalamazoo Theater over Thanksgiving weekend. My wife was seven months pregnant, and our little girl was kicking like crazy! There’s no doubt that Greensky Bluegrass is our favorite band.

I discovered these guys nearly six years ago while I was interning in Kalamazoo for the summer. They were just starting to make a name for themselves in the bluegrass and festival circles. Now these guys are playing everywhere  and rightfully so.

I am still pretty sore that I can’t make the April 25 show at Short’s Brewing Co. The Accidentals are opening. And if you haven’t heard this Traverse City band yet, you need to check them out too!

Greensky will be kicking off the summer season at Bell Beer Garden on June 4-5, as they do every year. This one is on my calendar. And if you make it to the June 5 show, Traverse City’s Billy Strings and Don Julin are opening.

GSBG showing lots of love to TC bands!

The Devil Makes Three

Song: Old Number Seven
Album: (Self-Titled)

Imagine some washed out pirates who learned to play some gritty bluegrass. That’s the sound, and it’s incredibly fun to listen to!


Song: Casino
Album: From the Hills Below the City

I actually discovered this band while listening to WNMC. They’re playing in Detroit on Friday and Grand Rapids on Saturday (April 11 at the Intersection). They’re from Indiana, so they play in Michigan, Chicago and Ohio quite often. That’s drivable.

Marty Robbins

Song: Big Iron
Album: Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs

Take a trip to the wild west! You’ll want to download the entire album. Marty Robbins is a great musician and an even better storyteller. Great for road trips – or the dusty trail, rather.

And I’ll leave you with this, because this song kicks ass…

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