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Every week, we give you our Monday Marketing Minute. It’s filled with industry tips, news, trends and more.

This Monday, Freddy and Ashley help you identify five easy ways franchise marketing can help your franchise business stand out from the crowd. Watch the video and check out the transcript below. You can also watch other videos in our Monday Marketing Minute series.

Freddy: Hey! And welcome to this week’s Monday Marketing Minute.

Ashley: With so much competition in the marketplace to get customers to work with, or even buy, your franchise, you’ll want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. And we’ve got a few tips to share with you today to help you do just that.

F: Before you can stand out, you need to make sure that you’re standing at all. Can people find you online? Is your website secure? Are you targeting the right keywords, your personas? What does your content look like? You’ll want to have an audit performed on your brand to see how it’s currently doing in the marketplace.

A: Great point. And if you find things like you’re not coming up in the local pack, your website is taking too long to load or any other issues that you find in this audit, you want to make sure that you address them right away.

F: Yeah, and once you know that your target customer can find you on the web, now you want to give them a reason to pick you over your competition. So, what are some good ways to achieve this?

A: Well one great way is to produce helpful content. Don’t just talk about your brand and how you are better than everyone else, because everyone is doing this. You really want to teach your consumer something new, become their trusted resource of all things to do with your industry without being self-serving.

F: Yeah, and one great tip, that may seem a little scary at first, is to test out different target demographics. Is there a segment you haven’t thought of before? Maybe you are used to targeting mostly middle-aged men? Well, why not speak to the young mothers out there with a campaign and just see how it performs.

A: Yeah, and tests like this are great for Facebook, Google Display or other digital networks where you have the freedom to just shut off the campaign at any time if it is not working.

F: Yeah, and if you really want to stand out and shake things up, consider some new creative taglines, maybe a campaign that takes a little bit of a risk that you weren’t willing to take before.

A: And along those lines, why not try new ways of communicating with your consumer? Facebook Messenger, for instance, has 1.3 billion people using it, so why not you? You can even create a bot that handles those easy interactions with your customer before handing them off to a live person.

F: Want more tips on making your franchise business stand out? Well, head over to our blog. And then don’t forget to tune in next week as we talk about content farms and why you probably shouldn’t be work with them.

A: Bye!

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