How Thinking Like a Marketer Can Improve Your Marriage (From a Typical Dumb Guy)

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Happy Wife

I used to watch a lot of HGTV’s House Hunters, until one too many platitudinous husbands acquiesced to some decision with the nauseating phrase “happy wife, happy life.” It’s so unoriginal and just . . . bleh.

I’ve since moved on to greener television pastures, but in the moments when I’m actively trying to be a good person, I sometimes remember my House Hunters days (and that awful phrase—seriously, I spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about it), and I consider what I can do to make my wife happier.

Google’s Micro-Moments

And this is no joke—I recently got some inspiration from my work in marketing. As an agency, we’ve been thinking a lot about what Google calls “micro-moments”: spurred by surging smartphone use, micro-moments are those brief but crucial interactions throughout the days and weeks when a prospect experiences your brand, across a plethora of channels and devices. As a brand, then, it’s imperative you maximize your opportunity for meeting a prospect’s micro-needs, which will differ depending on the funnel stage he or she is in. As Google puts it,

Thinking about marketing in this way offers a ton of opportunities for creating new content, segmenting users into more drilled-down categories, and overall just being a brand that makes your current and prospective customers happier.

It also presents an opportunity to improve your marriage.

Carve Out Moments

Let’s face it: as a couple, if you’re both working full time; raising children; and trying to keep up a hobby, hang out with friends, or work extra hours to get that promotion—not to mention keep your life and house in order—you’re going to find yourself short on time. And I’m the first to admit that, because of all those things, sometimes it seems like the day escapes me.

So I started thinking about my day as a collection of micro-moments. In between the time we do spend together—whether day trips on the weekends, late nights, date nights, or extended vacations—could I use some of those micro-moments to connect with Tricia? (She probably hates that this post is getting so personal. Sorry honey!)

Hint: The answer is yes: micro-moments can work in marketing and marriage.

How do you recognize these moments? Thinking like a marketer, apply similar principles to achieving the desired action. You might be familiar with . . .

Marketing Moment: The “Buy-Now”

Your prospect wants to take action. You ensure that your e-commerce experience is seamless, making the path to conversion as easy as possible with bright calls to action and a de-cluttered interface. Distraction and overthinking are the enemies.

Marriage Moment: The “Let’s-Do-Something”

You want to do something. Anything that doesn’t involve work, chores, etc. Make the path to action as seamless as possible by suggesting a quick activity. Head out to the backyard and plan your landscaping for the season (or whatever you both love to do together). Pick a favorite poem to read to each other. Play a game of hide and seek with your kids, and hide together.

That is one good-looking marriage.
That is one good-looking marriage.

Marketing Moment: The “Remarket”

Your prospect abandoned the shopping cart—bring her back into focus and sweeten the deal with a remarketing ad that offers her a discount if she completes the purchase in the next two days. Remind her how much easier life will be with your awesome rain boots.

Marriage Moment: The “Need-a-Hug”

Your wife abandoned grading papers(which she was already behind on) because family dropped by at the last minute and now she is frantically cooking for 10 people. Bring her back into focus and sweeten the moment by giving her a long hug and telling her how much you love her and what a gracious host she is. Remind her how much fun it will be to spend some time with awesome people you haven’t seen in a while.

Who wouldn't want to eat with these people?
Who wouldn’t want to eat with these fine people?

Marketing Moment: The “Content-Consumption”

Your prospect isn’t interested in buying yet—she’s feeling you out by consuming your content, deciding if you can be trusted and if you’re the authority you say you are. Create lengthy, compelling content that will give her the information/entertainment she desires, in a way no other company can.

Marriage Moment: The “Tell-Me-a-Joke”

Your wife isn’t interested in making any major decisions. She’s had a hell of a day and could use some compelling content that will give her a little pick-me-up. Tell her—or write down—a puntastic gem like one of these, in a way no other nerdy husband can:

A Buddhist walks up to a hotdog stand and says, “Make me one with everything.”


Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his Pixar collection, except one. He’s never gonna give you Up.

(Thanks to Distractify for putting that list together. Let the nerdery commence.)

Marketing Moment: The “Grab-N-Go”

Your prospect needs to know where you are, and she’s looking for your phone number and store hours, too. As a savvy business owner, you have claimed and optimized your local listings and Google My Business / Google Maps profiles, so the information she needs is accurate and immediately visible.

Marriage Moment: The “Check-In”

Your wife likes to talk about the day, even if it’s just for a couple minutes. As a savvy husband, you know it’s not hard to find time at lunch or after work to listen. (As a bonus, if you make a habit out of the Check-In, you might not have to excuse yourself the next time you’re at the bar having some beers with your buddies . . .)

Hell yeah! Marketing!
Hell yeah! Marketing!

If you want to talk about marketing, or marriage, drop us a line. We’ll provide free advice on either, and tangible results for at least one of them.

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