How Journalism Helped This SEO Get Good at the Internet

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The job outlook looks bleak for bowling alley pinsetters. Same for typewriter salesmen, travel agents and switchboard operators.

So why would anybody want to study print journalism at a time when newspapers are shutting down, circulation is drying out and newsrooms are doing the opposite of hiring?

In 2008, this was a very real question. It’s one that I was often asked, and often pondered, during my years as an undergrad. Am I chasing a worthless degree? Would I be better off pursuing a degree in healthcare or accounting?


The reason why is because I’m not passionate about healthcare or accounting. What I’m passionate about is telling stories, and I firmly believe that the art of storytelling is a universal skill that’s widely overlooked in today’s curriculum.

What I mean by storytelling is the ability to write clearly in order to make an emotional appeal to the reader. And if you haven’t noticed, “readers” are everywhere, thanks to the World Wide Web. Sometimes they’re called “users” or “prospects” or “potential customers.” Whatever you call them, they are immensely important to whatever you’re trying to accomplish, and the ability to reach them is priceless.

From Reporting Intern to Reporter to Online Editor to Digital Content Producer to Content Marketing Project Manager, I’ve worn a lot of hats. In each capacity, I practiced and polished my storytelling skills.

All of these skills have helped me gain a basic understanding for what makes people click. Without a background in journalism, I would not know how to effectively promote my message to a larger audience. Do you see the connection? Journalists are content marketers.

I don’t think of my career change as jumping ship. There are far too many similarities between Content Producer and Content Marketer to be on different boats. I was just lucky enough to find a digital marketing agency that aligns with my personality: an inquisitive mind that’s constantly exploring new ways to get things done.

They’re the same traits that led me to journalism in the first place. If you can relate, or are looking for a fresh perspective, let’s talk about your story.

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