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Ask someone to draw you a house and you’ll probably receive a rudimentary rectangle with a rectangle door, square windows and a triangle roof. Ask Frank Gehry to draw you a house, and you’ll probably receive something that belongs in a Salvador Dali painting.

What makes Frank Gehry different from an ordinary architect? Any architect must work and operate within the tight confines of the universal laws of physics. But Gehry understands those laws and knows how far he can push them.

Buildings are quintessentially square boxes. So are computer screens and so are mobile devices and thus, so are websites (boxes within boxes). To create something truly wonderful, it takes a thorough grasp of the basic limitations and the creativity to understand how far the threshold may be pushed.

Albert Shum, Microsoft’s “design guru,” believes in the importance of design – merging right-brain creativity with left-brain thinking. He calls it the “special sauce” in a recent CNET article about Microsoft’s Windows Phone – the thinking applies not just to product design, but to anything being produced for the general consuming public.

Many claim to be able to website design and development, but be wary if what they give you is another box. Web design, like other feats of engineering and architecture, requires a creative mind with an eye for left-brained issues and one which knows the brand’s consumer and understands what it takes to create and build a fresh, functional product.

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