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2012 has definitely started the year off owning up to the predicted strangeness foretold. The weather has by far been the most interesting of those predicted things to happen.

Oneupweb is located in Traverse City, Michigan, and we are known for snow. In fact two weeks ago we had two (2) feet of snow dumped on us by the great clouds above.

Traverse City two weeks ago

But then this last week it all melted away with over 80 (F) degree weather.

Today as we speak it is 85 degrees outside. There are boats out on the bay zooming around. Everyone is buzzing words like bizarre and end-times. Questions are being shared; “Will we be a tropical region soon?” “Is the end near?” It has indeed left us all here at Oneupweb confused about the weather, though we won’t lie – we are definitely enjoying the great sunshine and dry roads.

To top off all this confusion in weather, today one of our Oneupweb-ber’s friends, that lives in southern Arizona, posted a most peculiar photo. Take a look.

You did read that we said in southern Arizona, right? That’s a desert. Yes, that is correct. This photo is the little town of Bisbee, Arizona. This is a town that sits approximately just 10 miles north of the Mexican border. Here is a picture of what Bisbee normally looks like year around:

So, looking at the previous photo and then this one you could imagine thinking “WTH?” Right?

2012 is turning out to be an interesting year so far. If you have any interesting weather stories that stand out of the normal please share them with us. We’d love to hear about them!

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