Perfection: Pro Infirmis’ Richly Human Campaign

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Pro Infirmis, a Swiss charity advancing awareness for people with disabilities, recently unveiled its “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer” campaign. It’s a wonderfully human campaign and it demonstrates the power of the human side of marketing.  


Think about the following: the model family in the latest luxury car commercial; the house they live in. The models advertising perfumes, clothing lines and gadgets. Think about the marketing copy; the messaging. Doesn’t it seem a bit off? Isn’t it just a little too perfect?

Try as we might to avoid it, we live in a commercialized community. We’re influenced by others and we’re influenced by ads.

Advertising material is notorious for presenting the ideal—the idyll, “heavenly” notion of what an advertiser or a brand thinks something ought to be. Too much advertising is “perfect.” Perfect in its delivery. Perfect in its presentation. Perfect in its messaging.

But what is perfect? Our traditional notion of perfection is sterile. Perfect is safe.

Pro Infirmis recently launched its “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer” campaign. In the video, persons with disabilities—such as brittle bone disease or scoliosis—have mannequins custom made to represent their body types. These mannequins were then placed along Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, dressed to the nines in the latest fashion. The purpose was to draw attention and raise awareness for disabled persons on International Day of Persons with Disabilities.It’s reminiscent of Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign and I’m also reminded of the Abercrombie & Finch backlash last summer, over its stance on plus-sized apparel.

Pro Infirmis’ message is clear and succinct: who’s perfect—well, each of us is, in our own way. Our imperfections are what make us so damn perfect and wonderful. I love the idea behind the Pro Infirmis campaign. I hate that this messaging still has a profound effect on me; that we’re still not quite in a place where these types of campaigns don’t strike a chord within me. I wish someone had thought of this and done it sooner.

This is advertising. But this advertising stands as yet another example of how much we as an audience crave the human touch. Traditional notions of perfection aren’t cutting it. Take the notion behind the Pro Infirmis campaign and get closer—not only to your own humanity, but the way you present it to your audience.

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