Website Development and SEO Go Together Like PB&J

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Warning: this article includes many prolonged food-based metaphors. Do not read on an empty stomach.

Ever heard the expression, “too many cooks in the kitchen?” It’s meant to describe a situation where too many people are working on the same project. The result is a mess: broken eggs, spilled milk, and fire alarms going off. When it comes to creating a new website, having too many vendors involved can cause the same problems, figuratively speaking.

Some digital marketing services go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or peas and carrots. Or rice and -o-Roni.

How Web Development and SEO Work Together

Not unlike PB&J, SEO work and development work complement each other and hold a project together. At every phase of a website or app development project, it’s best to have a dedicated SEO expert in web development projects so that both teams can inform next steps and shape the project’s direction together.

Pre-launch, SEO experts create the menu by looking at all the existing and required ingredients in the form of keywords. By identifying and organizing appropriate short-tail and long-tail keywords, the SEO team creates keyword groups. (Normal people just call them “pages.”) The keyword groups inform the number of pages required and help determine the most efficient way to design and format content.

Other common SEO tasks before a site launch might include:

  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Sitemap creation
  • Content creation
  • Content optimization
  • Page title and meta description optimization
  • Navigation structure (in conjunction with a talented designer)
  • 301 redirect mapping
  • Analytics tracking implementation

Those bold items? Those are only some of the pre-launch tasks that require an SEO provider and web developer working together toward common goals.

In short, without SEO, website developers just don’t know what they’re cooking with. Without developers, an SEO’s work is just a bunch of raw ingredients.

For best results, we recommend combining website design, development, and SEO experts for site projects. A great designer will round out the team and make sure the flavor profile and plating are absolutely perfect.

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Why Choose a Combined Website Development and SEO Company?

Working with a digital marketing agency that offers both web development and SEO services offers several benefits. Here’s why SEOs and developers work so well together when they’re a packaged team, and how that team can make your website project sizzle:

1. More efficient communication between SEO and development teams.

Working with a single agency for your site’s site development and SEO components streamlines communication considerably. The ability for developers and SEOs to email, Slack, or even, you know, walk across the office and talk reduces lag time and improves clarity. Needs are shared, tasks are explained, and questions are answered quickly.

2. A single point of contact for you.

One agency, one account manager. Instead of coordinating meeting times, CC’ing a dozen different people, and wondering who is responsible for what, your Oneupweb account manager handles it all, offers timely updates, and is available to answer questions on your schedule.

3. One hand washes the other.

As we’ve noted, development work and SEO work inform the direction and overall strategy of the other. The more closely aligned that strategy is, the more effective your website project will be. Teams with shared principles, marketing strategies, and high standards will always create a better product. When everyone looks to put others in a position to succeed, clients win.

4. No one gets tossed in the trash.

If you’ve worked with multiple vendors before, you know that one vendor always seems quick to blame another for burning the soufflé when things get complicated. Working with a single agency means there is only one entity to hold accountable: ourselves. As much as we take pride in being exceptional partners with other agencies and service providers, we relish the opportunity to work at our own pace and to our own high standards.

Every project is different and your needs might affect how applicable these perks might be, so contact us today to learn more.

You Know What Else Pairs Well….

Cheese and crackers. But also services like Content Marketing and SEO with a side of Social Media Marketing slathered in a Video Marketing gravy. Digital marketing is a veritable smorgasbord of possible combinations that position your business to succeed. Work with someone with a big kitchen. Get in touch to learn more about our fabulous selection of digital delicacies today.

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