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Things are uncertain. We know. Here are eight things you can do today to take control of your marketing and set yourself up for success, no matter what’s ahead …

  1. Go through your social posts and channels. If there’s anything that you’ve planned or scheduled out that needs a second look or to be shelved, make those changes. You don’t want a previously scheduled tweet to now have misplaced or insensitive language. Take a second look and save yourself from a PR nightmare.
  2. Communicate your stance on coronavirus (COVID-19). This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to keep your customers aware of changes happening with your business or organization throughout this time. If you haven’t already, release a statement about what you’re doing to protect against COVID-19 and your processes moving forward. For example, if you send service professionals into customers’ homes, spell out what the techs will be wearing and how they will behave. DISH clarified that techs won’t be shaking hands with customers, for example. If you’re a veterinarian, ask your customers if they’d prefer to wait in the car and do a FaceTime with you while you examine their dog.
  3. Use your website to communicate. Often the first place customers and clients go to check your status is your website, specifically the homepage. If you have control of your website via a CMS, adjust your messaging to address the current situation, and be human! By showing timely messaging and visual updates, you can connect with and update your customers instantly. For example, see how CPG company, Kettle & Fire, has changed its homepage messaging to address common food storage questions in these uncertain times.
  4. Update your Google My Business. If your business is impacted by a shift in hours or is closed altogether, you need to update your Google My Business listing. You can also add your cell phone number so customers can text you directly with questions. You should also create some simple GMB posts that highlight your services and offerings, and other relevant information.
  5. Optimize your paid campaigns. As the current environment changes by the minute, you need to be ready to meet searchers where they are. Take a fresh look at paid campaigns to see what needs to be tweaked, what keywords need to be changed and so on.
  6. Brainstorm quick new blog topics with keyword research. You might have extra time on your hands right now, so use it to do some keyword research and find out what your customers are searching for right now. Is there an opportunity for a new blog or even a new service because of searches related to COVID-19?
    1. Do you work in finance or accounting? “Coronavirus stimulus check” is trending this very minute.
    2. Do you work in an industry that has seen a recent uptick in traffic, like grocery and ecommerce? “How long does coronavirus stay on surfaces” is up 550% over the past 30 days.
    3. Are you in healthcare or a related field? “Can you get coronavirus twice” has surged 500%.
  7. Watch what your competitors are doing. Many of them have good ideas, so it’s time to look at what your competitors are doing to see how you can copy it, or improve upon it. There’s a lot changing right now, and seeing how your competitors are handling the shift puts you in a better position to act quickly and correctly.
  8. Audit your services. As things shift and change, your business model might need to change, too. Currently, many businesses are changing the way they operate. Restaurants offering curbside pickup and no-contact delivery, for example. What’s a good option for your business to better serve customers in this new world? Maybe you’ll find a new service or way of doing business by auditing your competitors.

If you have any questions – about this or anything else – don’t hesitate to ask.

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