Oneupweb Client Snapshot: Aggreko

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Aggreko is a global leader in the rental of power and temperature control solutions. With more than 100 locations in 28 countries, Aggreko provides customers in many different industries with power generators and environmental control solutions that improve and safeguard their operations and reduce risk.

Online, however, was a different story. Nearly invisible on the first few search pages, Aggreko was not well positioned in search results for the keywords vital to their industry. They asked Oneupweb to develop a strategy to launch them to the top of the search results for customers seeking their unique products and services.


We began a natural search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for Aggreko’s North American operations with the goal of elevating the company’s positions to better reflect their industry stature. As part of this process, Oneupweb facilitated a major overhaul of the company’s website. With an SEO campaign already having a positive impact, Aggreko approved Oneupweb’s recommendation to launch a complimentary paid search advertising campaign. The goal was concentrated on securing top positioning with Google, while running PPC ads 24/7, reflecting the company’s worldwide presence.

Additionally, we created responsive landing pages designed to provide immediate assistance to those handling an environmental or on-site disaster. These web pages made Aggreko services and information readily available through features such as click-to-call 800 numbers, something that is imperative when navigating an emergency situation.


  • In less than two years, conversions tracked to Aggreko’s SEO campaign rose 87% and considerably increased new business revenue
  • Top 10 search positions for Aggreko rose 940% in two years, while top 30 positions rose 528%
  • In just two months, the results for Aggreko’s aggressive paid search campaign on Google accounted for a 113% increase in unique visits to their website and a 126% rise in the conversions of qualified leads


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