Basics of Web Animation Design & Development

Across the web, animation is a powerful tool that businesses use to create compelling and useful experiences. But adding it to your site and making sure it’s effective can be tricky, at best. Let’s break it down and discuss the benefits, how we make it happen, and some examples of animation design. Benefits of Web…

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a man holds a digital camera up to his eyes to take a photograph while in an office setting

Compelling Video Marketing Statistics

The Oneupweb video marketing team and content experts are starting the year off by sharing interesting video marketing statistics for 2020 reflection and future planning. The stats provide clues about what kinds of videos your business should pursue, why and how. To help you navigate these insights, we also included our marketing agency’s main takeaways…

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What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Here are top advantages of email marketing: It strengthens relationships through personalization, segmentation and conversation. It helps you generate traffic to your website. It allows you to collect feedback through surveys. It is a tool for cost-effective campaigns. It provides a forum for self-promotion. It improves your brand visibility and trust. Consider this: Nearly 60%…

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franchise marketing

Get Franchise Leads without Selling Your Soul to Portals

Do you really love it when Franchise Direct or Franchise Help sends you a heap of expensive, low-quality leads? Most franchisors don’t, but they feel that the pay-to-play portal environment is necessary. The truth is, you can independently source better-qualified franchise leads with more strategic marketing. Once you start, finding franchise leads gets more efficient…

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content marketing services

Virtues of the Best Content Marketing Agencies

Content marketing is an extremely valuable piece of the digital marketing puzzle. It’s time-consuming when done in-house, so many marketing directors seek the help of a content strategy agency. The best content marketing agencies will support your business by: Knowing your brand inside and out, including voice, tone, differentiators, mission and more Performing keyword research…

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photo of woman with long brown hair dressed in business attire

Meet Sirenna Burks, Oneupweb’s Newest Marketing Coordinator

Name: Sirenna Burks Position: Marketing Coordinator What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Most days, I’m managing social media accounts, doing research, and helping out wherever I’m needed! My favorite thing about Oneupweb is that I get to do a little bit of everything, and I learn something new every day! Tell us about your…

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What Is Schema Markup, and How Should I Be Using It?

Schema markup creates an enhanced description, on top of HTML, that is visible only to search engines and provides context to otherwise ambiguous content. It is especially important to Google and other search engines because accurately interpreting the context of a query will determine the quality of a search result. In the following example: <h1>Apple</h1>,…

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Best Franchise Marketing Blogs and News Sites

In marketing, minutes matter. It can be annoyingly time-consuming to find the resources that will move your franchise business forward. To make it easier, we compiled a list of our go-to spots for franchise marketing news. International Franchise Association Social Geek Radio Oneupweb Each of these publishers has their own style of original franchise…

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one woman working at a computer while another young woman looks on while holding a cell phone

Choosing a Free Digital Marketing Course Online

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or taking your intermediate skills to the next level, finding the best online courses can feel like a drudgery of searching for just the right thing. There is an abundance of training opportunities, but they aren’t all worth their weight in gold. (Wait… do online courses weigh anything?) The…

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Lauren Hucek smiling in a sunny field

Meet Lauren Hucek: Teamwork Goddess

Name: Lauren Hucek Position: Assistant Project Manager What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? A smattering of collaborative meetings, a steady stream of Slack messages and endless coffee. Tell us about your favorite Oneupweb moment. Of the many Oneupweb moments I hold dear, perhaps the most memorable involved muffins. For context, this is actually my…

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A screenshot of customers' Google Reviews for Oneupweb.

How to Display Google Reviews on My Website

You’ve seen plenty of websites with a page of cherry-picked five-star reviews. But is that really convincing anyone? Probably not. However, there is a good way to embed Google reviews on your website to beef up your brand’s perceived value. Let’s get to it … How to Embed Google Reviews on a Website Reviews add…

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a screenshot of an email inbox showing a newsletter with a video thumbnail and play button

How to Use Video in Email Marketing

(Okay, It’s a Trick Question) Can you embed a video in an email? You can try, but you really shouldn’t. There are two main reasons for that: Many email marketing solutions don’t allow you to embed video. We use HubSpot, for example, which has a great drag-and-drop tool for building emails. To embed a video,…

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