Developing a Marketing Strategy for Your Franchise Business

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Developing a digital marketing strategy for your franchise business will allow you to connect and communicate with your audience, promote products and services, and boost sales.
  • Your franchisor home office probably already provides you with the digital marketing tools you need. Learn how to use them all effectively!
  • Many digital marketing tasks can be scheduled ahead of time and automated.
  • Download your free copy of the Franchise Owner’s Playbook in the form below.

Why focus on improving digital marketing?

If you’re like many franchisees, you might not use digital marketing to its full potential. Maybe you don’t believe the payoff will be worth your time, or you prefer to stick to the traditional marketing methods you’ve relied on for years.

But if sales have hit a plateau – or you’ve noticed a recent dip in revenue – it’s beneficial to explore your digital options. Most franchisors provide some marketing support to their franchise owners, so you likely already have several tools like these:

  • A franchise web page (or perhaps multiple pages about your specific location)
  • An email marketing program, complete with templates and an image gallery
  • Local listings and social media support

Leveraging all the tools in your marketing toolbox is a wise investment. Below are some ideas for doing this, along with a complete guide you can download for free with actionable tips for each one.

How to Improve Digital Marketing as a Franchisee

The Franchise Owner’s Playbook explains how to use digital franchise marketing channels to your advantage, including:

  • The importance of online reviews, how to encourage customers to leave reviews, and how to respond to reviews, both positive and negative. Here’s a quick pro tip: negative reviews happen to everyone. Don’t panic. Consider it an opportunity to improve your business and inform your audience!
  • How to optimize your franchise web pages to attract local search engine traffic. Don’t be discouraged by the low search volume you’ll likely see for localized keywords versus more general keywords. The people using those low-volume local queries are much more likely to convert!
  • How to use email marketing to stay connected to your audience and create repeat customers. When it’s done right, email marketing can deliver an incredible 4,400% return on investment. Keep your email list clean, create targeted segments, and set up automated email campaigns to keep your audience engaged.

Throughout the guide, we provide advice from Oneupweb’s experts to help you maximize your time and money. Our agency knows that the recommended tactics are effective because we’ve been working in the franchise marketing space for decades. Each section of the guide ends with one thing you should definitely do in that area of marketing. So even if you have little time to spare, you’ll be able to achieve something impactful.

For Maximum Results, Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

We aren’t telling you to ditch traditional marketing altogether. If billboards, direct mail or radio spots work for your business, then keep it going! In fact, our complete guide to digital marketing for franchisees explains how to connect your traditional and digital marketing strategies to collect more data, reveal new customer insights and increase sales.

And best of all? It’s free.

To quickly develop an effective digital marketing strategy for your franchise business, download the Franchise Owner’s Playbook by completing the form below.

Download the Franchise Owner’s Playbook Now:

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