two men crouch over camera equipment in a green grass yard in front of a nice house while filming franchise marketing videos and photography

Video Production Costs (and What You’re Really Paying For)

When it comes to supporting your brand, nothing provides more immediate and long-term value than high-quality video content. The cost of video marketing and the cost of video production are relatively small investments for brands with expansive marketing efforts. The key to making it worth your while? Capturing content that can be used to level…

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The Multilocation SEO Guide

What is it, what isn’t it, and how do I do it right as my organization grows? Executing SEO for multiple locations is tricky, whether your business has locations across a single state or the entire world. One of the best ways to concentrate the benefits of all your marketing efforts is to represent all…

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Multi-Location Website Localization: A Case Study

The days of using the same content on all your business locations’ web pages to grow your local organic search performance are over. Google’s recent algorithm updates have aimed to serve more helpful information and less spam in search results, and the guidelines for being “not spammy” now include using truly localized content for location-specific…

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Getting Social with Bio Bidet by Bemis: A Social Media Case Study

Try to think of a market with more than 140 million potential customers and less than 12% product adoption. Here’s another curveball; every potential customer could buy two of your products. Any guesses? On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and recurring toilet paper shortages, Bio Bidet by Bemis was uniquely positioned to offer Americans…

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franchisors and franchisees meet to discuss the website strategy

Going Rogue: Franchisee Websites That Don’t Meet Brand Standards

Franchise organizations of all sizes face the ongoing challenge of developing and maintaining a consistent brand identity. With dozens, if not hundreds, of locations to manage, rogue franchisee websites are a recurrent issue that poses several risks to the enterprise brand. Remember, we’re all on the same team! Here’s how to deal with rogue franchisee…

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a female marketer works at her computer optimizing content

The Importance of Regularly Posting Content

Did you know that 6 million blogs are posted daily? That’s a lot of posts. Surely these numbers prove that your content will get lost in the shuffle, right? No. The best way to connect with users who will (hopefully) become customers is to get in on the content creation game. No matter your industry…

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Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brains

How to Get Your Website Back from a Controlling Agency

Unfortunately, we’ve supported several clients struggling to access their websites. But they weren’t hacked, their website wasn’t down and, yes, they had the right login credentials. The problem? Their previous digital marketing partner limited their access to their own domain, content management system and Google Analytics properties. Sound familiar? No matter what these types of…

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How to Use TikTok for Business the Right Way

TikTok offers businesses an excellent platform to build brand awareness and connect with customers in a low-pressure, entertaining environment. The platform has matured from its pre-teen dance-challenge beginnings into one of the largest social media apps on the planet. While this evolution is great, making a splash on such a massive platform can be challenging….

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ChatGPT, SEO and You: How to Use Generative AI for Search

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and its competitors won’t take your job, but a digital marketer leveraging AI tools might. Marketers use ChatGPT for SEO in several ways, mixing the technology into more traditional keyword and reporting tools. Our SEO and content marketing team has developed a few ways to use ChatGPT for SEO, including…

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Get the Most Out of Ecommerce Email Automations

There are dozens of email automation tools out there, but just like a hammer, they can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing. It takes time, careful analysis and plenty of testing to hone in your email marketing flows, and we’ve got a few tips to get you started on…

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Sitemaps 101: An Introduction to Sitemapping Your Website

Sitemaps are dedicated files that organize and prioritize every piece of content on your website. Sitemapping helps search engines like Google and Bing make sense of your site’s pages and index the stuff that matters most. Once the lone purview of site administrators and professional SEOs, tools like Yoast, Google sitemaps and CMS platforms like…

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How to Calculate The ROI of SEO

Measuring the ROI of SEO is tricky for many reasons, making it a challenge for organizations to make marketing decisions. When properly determined, though, the return on investment for SEO strategy can lead to improvements in project efficiency and provide actionable insights into consumer interests, changing demographics and developing opportunities. What Is the ROI of…

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