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 5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools We Love

Having the right tools for the job makes building your ecommerce brand a lot easier. Of course, it takes time to find the right ecommerce tools to match your needs or fill your skills gap – but it’s well worth the effort. Luckily, we’ve got the Spark Notes version to help you save time choosing…

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Shopify SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Shopify is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, powering over one million stores in 175 countries. It stands to reason that the Canada-based company has invested heavily in positioning its users with the very best tools, including SEO. For Shopify sites, visibility equals profitability; even if you’re not an SEO expert, Shopify has the…

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How to Connect Shopify to Facebook and Instagram

Shopify and Facebook have made it easy to open new, effective sales channels to level up your ecommerce marketing. With access to your Shopify Business Manager and a Meta Business Suite account, you’re just a few clicks away from positioning your brand in front of billions of social media users around the world. Read on….

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Getting Social with Bio Bidet by Bemis: A Social Media Case Study

Try to think of a market with more than 140 million potential customers and less than 12% product adoption. Here’s another curveball; every potential customer could buy two of your products. Any guesses? On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and recurring toilet paper shortages, Bio Bidet by Bemis was uniquely positioned to offer Americans…

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Flash Sale Strategy: A Multichannel Approach

The best flash sales may seem like a spur-of-the-moment decision, but they’re a carefully orchestrated, multichannel effort planned well in advance. These short, aggressive promotions are an excellent way to achieve several goals, including moving inventory and adding customers to your email list. Here, we’ve compiled a few flash sale tips to help you put…

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How to Convert Abandoned Carts – And Avoid Them

Everything fell into place; your customer found precisely what they were looking for and added two to their cart. Before they converted, they left. Abandoned cart recovery is crucial to any brand’s ecommerce success, but it can take time to develop an effective strategy. So, we did it for you. Learn why customers abandon carts,…

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Buy Now, Pay Later: The Future of BNPL

The “buy now, pay later” market topped $170 billion in 2022 and saw more than 360 million unique users worldwide. BNPL options have grown thanks to the accelerated shift toward online shopping driven by the pandemic, offering ecommerce brands another payment option to meet changing demands from their customers. As the perpetual battle for clicks…

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How Shopify Expansion Stores Work (and Why You’d Need One!)

Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform for growing your online brand. With a range of pricing options and a host of proprietary tools, companies of all sizes get the support and infrastructure they need. Shopify Plus, the premier Shopify subscription level, includes one neat benefit – more stores. Shopify Plus expansion stores offer brands a…

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Building an Effective Wine Ecommerce Strategy

Online wine sales didn’t start with the pandemic. However, like so many other markets, stay-at-home orders and health concerns accelerated a long-term shift toward direct-to-consumer wine sales. In a largely fragmented market, wineries and distributors are reevaluating their overall marketing strategy and making substantial investments in website platforms, software and marketing campaigns. The Growing Online…

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Shopify vs. WordPress: Which Is the Better Website Platform for Your Business?

Shopify and WordPress have grown into top website platforms for businesses. While both offer robust ecommerce solutions for retailers, appointment scheduling for service-based companies, and tools to make your brand look beautiful, one may be better suited for you. By evaluating each website platform, comparing costs, and setting your digital priorities, you can make your…

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Oneupweb Ecommerce Client Snapshot: Bio Bidet

Oneupweb began working with Bio Bidet, a luxury bidet company, in September 2020 to support paid media and search engine optimization (SEO). The COVID-19 pandemic brought on an 845% increase in toilet paper sales. For a bidet company, this provided an opportunity to engage a new audience. The Problem Bidets rushed to the forefront of…

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What an Ecommerce Website Needs to Be Profitable

To be profitable, an ecommerce site needs speedto load quickly, offer an intuitive customer experienceuser-friendliness, provide detailed product pages and use aa logical structure. And those are just the major requirements! The best way to create a new ecommerce website (or optimize an existing one) is to consider the customer’s perspective. We’re sharing the guidelines you need…

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