Which do you prefer: YouTube or Vimeo?

You have a video you want to share. Where’s the first place you’d think to put it? Most of you would probably default to YouTube, and it’s easy to understand why: with more than a billion unique visits each month and hundreds of hours of video content uploaded every minute, it’s clearly a safe choice. […]

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Strap on Your Lollerskates, It’s the Best of April Fools’ 2014

It’s here. The most fun day in all of Internetdom. It’s April Fools’ Day! This is the day the world celebrates the fine art of the prank, and over the past few years companies with strong digital roots have embraced this day and turned it into a celebration of creativity and humor. We’ve seen unique […]

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Google’s Earnings Call Reveals Huge Surge in Mobile Traffic to YouTube

How much mobile traffic does YouTube receive? The numbers may surprise you. In its most recent earnings call, Google reported 40% of YouTube traffic is now derived from mobile users—a figure that’s up 25% from 2012 and one that crushed the percentage of traffic the social media video giant saw from mobile users in 2011, […]

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