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There are two main components to a successful YouTube channel: video optimization and your channel’s ability to rank in organic YouTube searches. To give your channel the ranking boost it needs to be seen in YouTube search, follow this YouTube optimization guide and download the YouTube channel checklist.

Why Should I Optimize My Channel?

It’s YouTube – shouldn’t I focus all my time on my videos? Turns out, your YouTube channel’s SEO plays a crucial role in how well your videos perform organically. In other words, your videos have a better shot of performing well if your channel is optimized.

YouTube channel SEO and YouTube video SEO have a symbiotic relationship. Sure, you can have a viral video without properly optimizing your channel, but that’s like taking the time to butter a piece of toast and then not eating it. Your channel – and your business, for that matter – won’t gain anything from that video until your channel is optimized to convert.

YouTube Ranking Factors

The YouTube algorithm takes these factors into account when determining which content will rank for which search terms:

  • Watch time: How long are viewers watching your videos? Or, as YouTube understands it, how long is your content keeping viewers on the YouTube platform?
  • Video length: Longer videos are more likely to satisfy user intent… if the content is relevant. As a creator, consistent quality and quantity should be prioritized.
  • Number of subscribers: The number of viewers that subscribe to your channel help YouTube understand your channel’s domain authority.
  • Viewer engagement: If users are sharing, commenting, liking, subscribing and linking to your content, YouTube will rank it higher.

How to Optimize Your Channel to Convert Viewers into Subscribers into Customers

Having a correctly optimized channel means you’ll have a lot of subscribers who are engaged with your content. This will ensure your channel has a high watch time and that the length of your content is optimized specifically for your audience. Some basic aspects of YouTube channel optimization include:

  • Keyword strategy in channel tags, your channel name, the about section and throughout playlists
  • Upload a channel trailer, and keep it up to date
  • Show off your design skills
  • Link to relevant channels

YouTube Optimizations: The Basics

How to Add Channel Keywords on YouTube

  1. Navigate to the YouTube Studio from the “Your Channel” section of the dropdown menu on your profile.
  2. Select “Settings” and “Channel,” and then click the “Basic Info” tab.
  3. You can add keywords to the box labeled “keywords” to help users find it in YouTube and Google searches.

How to Structure a YouTube Channel for Engagement

Great content is the best way to drive engagement, but you can entice your viewers to interact by asking them to get involved!

  1. Invite viewers to comment on a specific question at the end of the video.
  2. While it won’t work for every brand, humor drives up engagement when it works with your tone.
  3. Encourage viewers to share by creating an informative video that’s easy to share and posting it on social media. Encourage sharing! Create an informative, ultra-sharable video and encourage your viewers to share it on their own social media accounts.

How Long Does It Take to Get Monetized on YouTube?

The minimum amount of time it takes to get monetized on YouTube is 12 months. To get monetized, you need to accrue 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers within a 12-month period. You can also get monetization from other revenue streams, including paid product placements, creating brand merchandise and more.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel in One Step – Call Us

Get the in-depth answers you need to optimize the YouTube channel you rely on for marketing with our  YouTube optimization checklist. You don’t have to do it alone; we know YouTube, and we know how to leverage this powerful platform to help brands grow. Check out our YouTube channel optimization services to see what we can do for you. Get in touch or call 231-922-9977 to get started!

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