Oneupweb: The Oneupwebber Artists (Part I OUW Culture Series)

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Here at Oneupweb we pride ourselves on a great array of people, a diverse assortment of individualism while working together as a collective whole. Who we are outside the walls of Oneupweb brings those special colors to Oneupweb’s overall masterpiece. Oneupweb culture is one that instills a sense of fever, a sense of relentless pride. It’s true, to be a Oneupwebber means to be the essence of One UP.

In this blog we bring to you a mini spotlight on the some of the artists here at Oneupweb. From comic artists to photographers to animators, we have a great palette of creatives here at Oneupweb. Here are a few we would like to share:

  • Our Jill-of-all-trades, who knows every inch of the complex to where all the pens are if you need one, took this beautiful 1996 photo of her daughter enjoying a day on the beaches of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. She states, “We also played around with different shots, like her feet up in the air holding the sun on them.” But it was this one that was so inspiring that it has since gone off to win her a photography award.  We agree it is indeed award winning.  It’s a photo to take you away to tranquility – right? Not to mention forever a memory the world will enjoy.
    Denise's prize winning photo
    The award winning photo

  • One of our creative designers has been exploring her make-up skills. Her Day of the Dead make-up and costume even went viral in France! She has some french appeal to say the least. Who’s ready to schedule their make-up session?
    Jess Gordon's Dead of the Dead photo that went viral in France
    Make-up can be fun!

    Also, check out the make-up and hair she performed on another Oneupweb designer. Oh, so sheik!

    Jess Gordon's make-up on Nicole Emenhiser
    It’s a silent movie gracing the pages of Oneupweb
  • Another creative designer has been creating comic strips. She calls them “just her doodles” but we are pretty impressed by them. Who ever knew that paper could express “Hey, I’m having a hell of a good time here!” It’s been suggested that she create an actual comic strip from these characters and get them published, but she’s not sure they’re worthy. We think they are very worthy. Which one is your favorite?
Cartoon's by Nicole Emenhiser
Toon Time, Doodle Style

  • And to close this series out, one of our social-lites animated a music video for an Ann Arbor band known as Rospoem, which has been shown in several film festivals and music video contests since it’s launch last year in 2011. This is some old-school animation with 1351 stills. Not too much work, right? Not. Try two and half months worth, but every bit “still” worth it (pun intended)! Make sure to watch to the end as the tempo picks up; both music and animation.

As stated on our website careers page, “We talk the talk and we walk the walk, our shoes are hard to fill.” Check us out and if you feel you have what it takes, we encourage you take off your shy hat (if you wear one) and apply!

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