5 Facebook Cover Image Tips

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Facebook reported that monthly active mobile users are up 18% year-over-year in the US. That means your presence on Facebook is increasingly important, and if there is any truth to saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” then you better start with your Facebook cover image.

Now that Facebook has done away with the majority of rules for cover images, it’s time to take advantage of this prominent branding space:

  1. Be Consistent – Visual consistency is a critical component of brand recognition. Use your cover image as a space to “skin” your Facebook page to match your website and other social profiles. We keep the same imagery across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our website and more.
  2. Display Contact Information – With more mobile consumers searching for business information on Facebook, it’s useful to include contact information in this prominent space making it easy for fans to find.
  3.  Promote an Offer – Are you expanding your service or products? Did you recently win an award or are you running a sale or campaign? Include it in your cover image for increased visibility. Coca-cola uses this space to promote their My World campaign.
  4.  Ask Fans to “Like” You – And tell them what they’ll get. Include a graphic or image directing them to your Like button, and give them a teaser of the type of information you share. Ex: “Like us to receive exclusive offers.”
  5.  Direct Fans to Your Facebook Apps – Take advantage of the apps in your “favorites” section by graphically directing users to them. Banfield Pet Hospital is a great example of directing traffic to a contest app.

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